Alparslan Büyük Selçuklu Episode 15 With Urdu Dubbed

Alparslan Büyük Selçuklu Episode 15 With Urdu Dubbing

He forged a union with Urdu Subtitles, Alparslan Büyük Selçuklu Episode 15 In the extremes. I’ll start by destroying it. If Geyhatu and Vizier Alemşah intend to destroy the tekfurlar to gain control here, I will stop them. Good lesson, great lesson; Osman Bey, you should also show me how to do it. Tekfur Kosses. I’ll also drag the weakest link over to my side. Tekfur Inegol Nikola, aya. My brother and my gentlemen will turn their backs on me because of this. At that point, I’ll confront them with tekfur troops.

Alparslan Büyük Selçuklu Full Episode 15

I’ll never let these things go to waste.

Geyhatu and the vizier Alemşah have nefarious plans! Alemşah Gündüz has already taken steps to address the situation. They’re on their way to seize Harmankaya, and you’re standing right in front of us. Osman Bey, you’re running late. Thank you for letting me know. The goal of Vizier Alemşah, on the other hand, is not to strengthen the tekfurs. Its purpose is to destroy. That’s why I told Nikola ahead of time. In addition, he took safeguards. Do you think Nikola will be able to stop this, Osman Bey? Never But When I reached the opposites, I decided which side I would support. I led the way for him. He’ll remain with us until the state whose seeds we sowed takes root.

After that, the accounts of all the oppressors will be seen one by one.

Bey Erturul. – May you rest in peace. Amen. By selecting you as a gentleman, the right has made a decision. Let’s go right to the subject. Turkmen tribes are rising in protest. Argun Khan sent a force of 20,000 men to Geyhatu’s command to put down the rebellions. Taking those nökers with him will make him stronger. Riots are just that: excuses. His issue is not with these aims but with all of the territories. Osman Bey, hurry up. When one problem is resolved, another appears. The Turk’s destiny is in your hands. Thank you very much, Osman Bey. We have no reservations, but we’d want to know, Osman Bey, where is the road? It’s a red apple, to be precise.


I hope the time of conquest is near! Hopefully!

Hopefully! God is correct. – God, please! God is correct! please! God is correct! Sir Gündüz Bey and his forces assaulted Harmankaya Castle. They were in large numbers. – How about that? Sir, we’ve surrendered the fort. They’re a bunch of knuckleheads! Idiots! Argus! Every time I ask, you assure me that the castle is secure, sir secure, sir secure, sir secure, sir secure, sir secure, sir secure My pen, which you claimed was secure, is now in Kay’s hands! Nikola, don’t take any risks. You slowed me down. You diverted my attention and handed my pen over to Gündüz, Vizier! Is that correct? You got a lot of things incorrect! You got it completely incorrect!

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