Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 21 In Urdu & Hindi Dubbed

Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 21 In Urdu Subtitles

Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Season 2 Episode 21 In Urdu Subtitles The escrow will stay on the bus. You’re quite adept at repeating what I say. It is not your responsibility to safeguard the camp, my confidence, and my genius, Orhan. Osman Bey, the order is yours. Gokce Girl, for example. I’ve heard that the entrusted object will remain in the tent. Gokce, you performed an excellent job. Keep your eyes wide open. Please say hello to Koses. I am unworthy of you, Jesus Christ. I’d given in to the skeptics. I swear to you, Jesus Christ, that I will eradicate all of them. Sir? Come. Sir, we have Tekfur Nikola and Tekfur Koses with us.

Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 21 Full HD

In Urdu Dubbed Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 21

He’ll meet up with Governor Manuel. This will not be tolerated. Osman’s trek to Nikaya will be his final one. We’ll set up a trap for you. Nikeya, on the other hand, is not going her way. He’s already dealt with it. It’ll travel in the direction of Kzlcahisar. We’ll eradicate it there. The birds, it seems, delivered the news. Then I start working on this project. Are there any objections? Nikola, you’ll need an army to take it on. Bring the Catalans along. I’m checking to see if he’s still alive. There’s one more thing to consider. On this expedition, Osman does not bring the holy relic with him. His allies will abandon him. I’ll remove the holy artifact from his tent as you pull out his liver.

By assassinating everybody who stands in my way!

What method will you use to do this? You’ll see what I mean. A headless tribe, a dead Bey. The Turks are finally coming to an end! We’ll attack together at the appropriate moment and in the right place. Turgut, as well as Osman, must meet the same destiny. Nicholas. With a leader at the helm, the Turks are already deadly. However, I believe that stray Turks would be far more hazardous. Koses, what’s your offer? I’ll choose their leader while you rip their lungs out. As a result, I’ll bring Turgut over to our side. The Turks surrounded their commander with their fists clinched. The Turks will be in our hands if Turgut is in our hands. That’s it since we agreed.

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I go to the place I go by fantasizing about seeing your gorgeous eyes and blooms when I leave this highway without you. And every time I try to hold on to the image of her walking into this room, I wake up. I’ll be waiting for you. Allah is entrusted with our children and the entire people first, and then you. I will keep your trust safe as long as I retain my love for you in my heart, my Osman. Bala is my name. Bala is my name. No one will leave this site without swearing an oath to this agreement. With Osman’s games, we’ve had enough of each other. Today, we’ll take an oath to bless the union we’ve formed here—my companion. Rogatos, I have sworn to Caesar.

In Urdu Subtitles Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 21

I shall always be loyal to the alliance we have built. I’ll always be alive because of the bond we established. And I will battle until the last drop of blood is shed to evict the Turks from these territories. I’ll fight till the last drop of blood is drained from my body. [Is there a destur, Ana?] Please, my daughter, come in. Aygul. My daughter, you are welcome. Before I leave, I wanted to say my goodbyes. Mother, I salute you. Goodbye, sweetheart. I’m hoping you’ll return soon. Aygul. You have a different issue. Cankutay. In Urdu Dubbed Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 21

Mother, you know what I’ve been through. I don’t have any faith in anyone. I’m afraid I have to say no. First and foremost, the betrayal of the man who was conscripted after my ancestor, whom I knew my family.

Your path had become a one-of-a-kind catastrophe.

But what if my Lord fills your tomorrow with Cankutay, and Cankutay fills your tomorrow with Cankutay? My Lord has shown mercy to that insane boy, and he has turned away from the oppressor and fallen in love with Osman Bey. You pay attention to what I’m saying. Think about it, lady. Mother, I’ll think about what you said. I’ll keep my heart in my chest and reconsider. Oh, what a lovely lady. Goodbye, mother. It’s a good thing you’re here with us. My daughter is always with me. Always. Turgut’s alps sent to keep an eye on us. Anselmo’s face will be the last they see. Now is the time to let go. Let’s see whether they can get back to their tribes while still in this state. See! Anselmo, capturing the Turks’ gaze isn’t enough. In Urdu Dubbed Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 21

I swear this will be their final day—God’s blessings on you.

Sir, best of luck. My Bala, may you exist. Be present. Mashallah! Mashallah, my son, mashallah, mashallah, mashallah, mashallah, m Mother. Your group will infiltrate the Kayi tribe. It’s a lovely day. This is the individual who will bring death to Osman’s room. magneficus It’s quite impressive. But, Rogatos, how will this lovely angel accomplish all of this on her own? Tekfur Koses, who said I was alone? We are a military force. Angels of Death is also our moniker. Death’s angels. Beautiful.

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