Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 25 In Urdu & Hindi Dubbed

Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 25 With Urdu & Hindi Dubbed

I’ve recovered from my blunder in Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 25 In Urdu & Hindi Dubbed. A Muslim cannot be bitten by the same snake twice in the same hole. In this case, I have neither a fault nor a speck of responsibility. However, it appears that the trapper has found work. Has anyone ever observed the master of the day holding poison? Has anyone witnessed Ayşe poisoning the meat? However, he was observed fleeing the tribe. Gündüz Bey would have been with him, whoever was a partner in the treason if I hadn’t located him and brought him. Osman Bey, why should he flee? Selvi woman, have you ever been slandered? State it. No one, God forbid.

Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 25


Those who do not want a black mark on their forehead when they die

Runaway from Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 25 In Urdu Subtitles! Whoever does not believe in his brother’s justice flees… Please forgive me, sir, but I was the one who made my master flee. It is my fault if there is a mistake or a flaw. Gündüz Bey and Ayşe Hatun are guilty, according to the evidence. No one notices. It is the Lord’s command! Ayşe Hatun and Gündüz Bey will be banished from the camp. Mr. Osman! Osman Bey, this never happened! It never happened! There is no longer any justice in your camp! You should be ashamed! You should be ashamed! Folks!

Tekfur Kosses. Do not react angrily. This did not occur, Mr. Barkn; it never occurred!

Osman acted unequally. It’s not simple. I expected it to be like this. Mr. Barkn, the deceased, was also my brother. With her unborn child in her womb! Osman now owes me two lives, not one. Yes, Kosses, I find it difficult to comprehend your anguish. You are free to do whatever you choose. I vow, Mari, to seek vengeance on those who have wronged you! I swear! Cyrus! Samuel, we’re leaving! Osman… With this deed, you have betrayed the people’s confidence. You cut the rope yourself. Selvi, please.

Let’s not overcrowd the room; one of you is plenty.

We don’t share the same religion, yet I’ll accept your prayer. Here’s your turn. Storm. – Sir. Allow Gündüz Bey to be accompanied by the Alps. Allow them to accompany you until they reach a safe location. Sir, it is your command. You return to the camp in the Alps while we relax in an inn. The tribe has been committed to you, Yigitler. Lets. What are our options? What are our plans for the day? Ayşe. Gunduz Bey, no. Where are your arms waving like that? Allow Kosses to depart from Ayşe and examine her account with me. Impossible. Your account with me was not visible to you. Your wife used her hands to poison, my sister.

Gündüz Bey, you owe me two lives! Neither he nor I have ever hurt someone!

However, because it will be cold for you to come, I will not perish unless there is a collision! Ayşe, take care of yourself! I’m not going anywhere! Watch to escape! Come on Kosses. – I came. I came. Daytime! Limitless! Ayşe. Gunduz Bey, say your final prayer. For my little brother. Daytime! Bismillahirrahmanirrahim. Isn’t soup delicious, Kumral Abdal? I hope Bala is missed. To clarify. Kosses, first sheath, you are pushed. Turgut, tell me! It’s a trap, according to Osman Bey. For the time being, I believe him for now. – Tell me what Turgut Osman said to persuade you that Gündüz is not guilty.

Osman will be left alone by whoever set up this trap.

So they killed my Mari to protect Osman? Osman’s buddies are Kosses, Gündüz, and me. We are the commander of his companions’ army, with which he armies himself. You’re his most valuable ally. Are you blind? They slammed us all together. If Osman was aware of everything, he should have expected me to assault Gündüz when he set off. He was well aware of this, and he purposefully exiled Gündüz. Because Gündüz must now perish. Turgut, we’re going to perish. We will do everything possible to help Kayi. So, Turgut, who is assaulting us? Who! Whoever attacked us did so at night.

We’re heading in the right direction! According to Barkin, the situation is not ideal.

Serhat, take a look at the state of the ends kneaded with complacency dough. We could smell the air of conflict as soon as we took a stride. My brother passed gone, and I’m hoping for the best for us. Amen, sir. On the Kzlhan road, the convoy will continue. We’re going to Badembükü to see Barkin. Let’s hear what’s going on and assess the issue. Do you know who the messenger is, Mister? Don’t fall into the trap. We’ll harvest the doubters and find Kay if it’s a set-up. We say we fought our fight on the road and won. Lets. Come on! Edebali’s veins began to fill with poison.

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