Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 35 With Urdu & Hindi Dubbed

Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 35 With Urdu & Hindi Dubbed

Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 35 With Urdu & Hindi Dubbed. And Tugrul Bey’s whore, who stands up for the defenceless. and the progeny of Khorasan’s ruler, Cagri Bey, who has never lost. Alparslan Mohammed! I’d like to watch it. There are several worthy opponents who try to battle me. However. My Bey, Alparslan is wonderful. AlpArslan Bolum 35 of Buyuk Seljuks Season 2 Episode 1. Later, when you were still active and Sultan Tugrul was still a child, he takes. To both of you, he rotates in all directions toward the sky. You spoke clearly. Your lingo is as adept as Alparslan’s arm. What do you think of the way my cousin Tugrul Bey chose to express his negotiation, Ak Bilge?

Part 1


Saltant, the greatest Sultan of the Seljuks

Sheykh of the Shahs, the most eminent Sultan of all the dazzling Emirs!
. Hadhrat Sultan Tugrul Bey! . Hasrat Sultan Tugrul Bey! Greetings, my Suita Hatun, I thank you without reservation. InshAllah, I hope all is fine with you. My Sultan, we are appealing to God for your substance. Hace Sultan, come now. Bring the Has Council in straight away. Consult immediately. The time has here. It’s the perfect opportunity to promote our heir. Exactly as you ask, my Sultan.

Sons of Cagri Bey are approaching! The sons of Cagri Bey appear. Congratulations, striking sons! congratulate Cagri Bey’s sons The Seljuk Napoleons did a great job! Congratulations to the Kinik trying seed! Hasan, what do you think? Who do you think will take home the Kok Boru? Alparslan or Suleyman? Your blood is passed on by both of them, Cagri Bey. They both borrowed their abilities from you. However, there are some things that the mind is able to perceive. What can your mind perceive? Tell us what you notice, and let us know. Suleyman is incredibly capable and strong.

Part 2


In light of meaning, we’ll agree to the negotiation you’ve chosen jointly.

But I wasn’t qualified to comment on whether that was the best time to broadcast. All I want is for fathers and sons to stop fighting and for kin to stop fighting. Akbilge, install. InshAllah. Suleyman. I apologise; it was an accident. Just a game, really. Insha’Allah, you’ll triumph in the end. Alparslan, I don’t think you’ll have such good luck in the future. -Bolum 35, Episode 1 of My Bey AlpArslan Buyuk Seljuks, in Urdu and Hindi. I am good. My courageous and iron-willed children.

Who can the wind not smother? Alparslan. Suleyman. My pride is relieved by you. May my extraordinary Allah provide you all that you ask for. Ameen! May Allah always keep you close to us, Bey. Ameen Oh, uniquenesses! Place the flares and distribute the food. Oh, people! Create the fires, distribute the food. Oh, people! Create the fires, distribute the food. Specify your desires. Allow the earth to arouse. Let the lamb play and the sun sparkle. Let it be spoken. Let’s go. Allow the nawruz to go on. My beys, viziers, and emirs. Each man is immortal, you know. Only our state will last forever. Everything else will fade away. We’ll head back to Haqq as well when the opportunity arises. Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 36  Urdu Dubbed

I, the young Sultan of the Seljuk Empire, Mikhail, hereby explain.

Together, we made the decision to announce that no one was to be told to cause trouble after we left. Everyone should be able to hear and see our negotiations. The intricate questioners attacked our families at the border, my Sultan. They killed everyone with almost little mercy, including the women and the more senior members of society. Season 2 Episode 1 of Alp Arslan Buyuk Seljuks, Bolum 35 (Urdu, Hindi). What, in your opinion, are you saying, Hacip? Deliver him here. What’s happening, Yannis? Who are these primitive people? Father, it was the head existent who turned the Turks at Vaspurakan against us. Father, it was the head existent that inspired the Turks to turn against us in Vaspurakan. Prince, this is Ani. Were you not supposed to convince these folks to cooperate with you serving as Vaspurakan’s executive leader?

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