Alparslan Büyük Selçuklu Season 2 Episode 2 In Urdu Hindi Dubbed

Alparslan Büyük Selçuklu Season 2 Episode 2 In Urdu Hindi Dubbed

Alparslan Büyük Selçuklu Season 2 Episode 2 In Urdu Hindi Dubbed He recognizes the relic as the cross on which Jesus Christ was crucified. He’s never going to give it to us now. We will travel to a hamlet near Kastelion at Osman’s request and under his protection. The village’s residents are all Orthodox Christians. Sir, you’ve just improved. With a single breath, Let’s hope for the best. Hatun Aygul. Cerkutay This is something I like. I gave you a flower the other day, the mystery blossom. Whoever presents that flower to someone is obligated to tell him his secret. Now I’ll tell you what my secret is. Enough, girl, if you have me.

May Jesus Christ bless you.

May he pardon your transgressions. As I traveled from Constantinople to Bithynia, or rather, as I fled the emperor’s persecution, many other things were in my thoughts. But, as some of you may know, God brought Osman Bey into my life. Priests. Please forgive me, but why did you choose a Turkish group over a tekfurluk? Why did you not seek refuge in Tekfur Nikola? He’d shield you from harm. Sir, he is a nobleman of tremendous importance. May Jesus Christ’s love surround you. You are a wonderful person with a big heart.

But Nikola wouldn’t do that.

He would abandon me to the Emperor’s cruelty in exchange for his desired authority. In Tekfur Kosses, you did not seek refuge. We are aware of the situation. And what about Rogatus, the tyrant? Why didn’t you seek refuge with him? He was rumored to be close to you. He’d make certain that you’re safe. Yeah. I had the same notion. When it came to attaining authority, however, Rogatus followed in the footsteps of the others. He betrayed me. On the other side, Osman Bey made me feel secure.

Alparslan Büyük Selçuklu Season 2 Full Episode 2

Moreover, when I saw the Christian subjects and the church in Söğüt,

This mentality was not peculiar to me, I realized. Even though we are co-religionists, I have never seen such fairness, such kindness in any taqfury. They are all oblivious to people’s most fundamental necessities. Does the situation of the church make you sad? Our ugliest church. They never bother to look. They converted it to a barn, converted it to a barn! On the other side, Osman Bey maintains the church at Söüt as if it were his shrine. He governs his Christian citizens equitably, without isolating them from their Muslim counterparts. True, they are content with their current situation.

Or was the priest acting in such a rash manner, in such a comfortable manner?

Osman? The caravan is approaching the settlement, and Osman is aware of this. However, he is unaware that we are aware of this. I’m planning a major surprise for him. It’s also rather large. Harmankaya Castle is a castle in Harmankaya, Russia. This is the information you want me to gain. Is it a fragment of a cross or anything else? What? Bahadur, do you understand what you’re saying? Yes, they claim. Tekfur, you are correct. Kosses. I am certain. Bahadir. This gold is solely for educational purposes. Consider how much I’ll earn you if you can earn me the trust you’re talking about. Kosses, I’ll take care of it. You’ll succeed. And you, Bahadur, will not forget. Punishment and remuneration are twins. Make sure you don’t leave empty-handed! Mari. Take a look at Osman.


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