Barbaroslar Season1 Episode 7 Urdu Hindi Dubbed

Barbaroslar Season1 Episode 7 Urdu Hindi Dubbed

Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 7 Urdu Hindi Dubbed for Bring your opponent no closer than a spear’s length. Sir, it is your command. Alps! Enemy ships were hard to come by. Nikola the thief broke into Turgut Bey’s chamber and kidnapped him. He made numerous martyrs before the martyrs’ sorrow abated. Urdu Subtitles for Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 7 My heart is the first to burn when a fire engulfs a Turkmen tribe. Every day is a day of coming together. Turgut Bey was escorted by Gündüz Bey. We’ll take down the walls Nikola trusts behind him if he returns empty-handed.

Sharpen your pusats, (Screams.)

He still has his reservations about Osman. Mari will have to make more firm movements as a result. Man, it’s what he does best. Above all, I must free Father Gregor from Osman’s clutches as quickly as possible. I can no longer keep the Emperor waiting. Osman has a solid stride and appears to be highly driven. Getting Gregor will be difficult. That’s it. Sorry.

Aya Nikola has a message for you. He stated that

He had Turgut in his custody. Beautiful. Mari, Turgut is exceptionally significant to Osman. He feels accountable for everything for some reason. That is correct. That’s it. He will seize Turgut. He’ll hand it on to Gregor. Urdu Subtitles for Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 7 Master Gregor, your wound can no longer be ignored. Nothing is more important than her safety. That includes my soul. But if things keep going this way, people could notice my wound shortly.

Master Gregor, he will always be with us.

I’m here to keep you safe. I wish that my death would also protect you. Master Gregor, we must keep it adequately hidden. But how do you do it? They have the option to call. Mr. Sungur, we’ve finally reached the end of the rope. You’re going to remain here. Keep an eye on these. I’ll be there as well. Please allow me to advise my superior of the problem. Lets. Tekfur Rogatos, how infrequently do we get together these days? Your cut becomes a bit larger every time we meet. Anselmo is unconcerned. Even though we were unable to obtain Pastor Gregor,

Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 7

We were successful in our endeavour. God is providing us with a second opportunity.

Nikola, aya. Turgut, a Turkmen master, was seized by him. Turgut. For Osman, this is crucial. You already have your friend, Father Gregory, if we get it. According to the information I obtained from my spies, Urdu Subtitles for Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 7, Kosses will personally go to Nikola’s castle tomorrow to fetch up Turgut. Tekfur Rogatos, you have Father Gregor in your hands. Take extreme caution. He’s a devil, to be sure. Anselmo is always on the lookout for devils. Turgut will be brought to you by me. Have no doubts about it.

Kosses will receive Turgut from Nikola. What’s up, bro?

Mari is someone he adores. He intends to revenge on Mari’s kidnapping by Turgut. Nikola, the canine. Why would he do anything like that? He’s trying to win Mari’s heart. Mari is not married, sir. Nikola wants to marry her and enlist the help of his Big Brother, Kosses. Thanks. Then an ambush is required to capture Turgut Bey. Osman Bey, Nikola is preparing for the voyage. On my approach to the castle, I noticed it.

He’ll hand Turgut over to Kosses as soon as he can. We’ve concluded the sentence. Let’s have a look at our wallets. We shall burn the entire planet for a single tear of a Turk. Episode 6

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