Barbaroslar Season1 Episode 8 Urdu Hindi Dubbed

Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 8 Urdu Hindi Dubbed

Barbaroslar Urdu Hindi Dubbed (Season 1 Episode 8) You will discover redemption if you are patient. My brothers and sisters, my veterans, we shall construct a charitable state. Our love for gas, passion for justice, and devotion will be passed on to our children. Until we carry our banner, our name, and our cause to the four corners of the globe, may the oppressed receive mercy and light.

Appreciatively sluggishness sluggish

Hypocrisy and loving discourse We must change openly and honestly. We need to train justice-obsessed judges, soldiers enamored of liberty, and traders with business ethics. Urdu Subtitles for Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 8 He should produce great ideas and raise great students by writing excellent books. Build tremendous significant madrasas if you want to be great. We should also live essentially. This is the responsibility that history has entrusted to this country. Without a doubt, this is the path of Truth.

‘Allah is Great!’ His title is sultan ul enbiya, which means “Sultan of the Enbiya.”

Hazrat Pir. Al Fatiha is his secret. Ala sayyidina Muhammad, Allhümme salli. Hu! I’ve got to Gee! Gee! It’s now or never, sheriff. Good luck, and may you be a conqueror. Let the bad guys go. Demler isn’t just a fad. The believers are to be praised. Stay hydrated, rebels. Please pardon our transgressions. Please accept our prayers. Act as though you know what you’re doing. Selcan, Selcan, My daughter, you, as well. Are you all right? That’s all fine. Mom, I’m OK. I’m alright, thank god. But what is Targun Hatun’s goal?

Last but not least, make the term tawhid a mejid in the Qur’an.

Be gracious to our veteran, Erturul Bey. Ali, please place your order. May our Osman Bey’s principality be blessed. Keep your weapon in good shape. With Adl, be a force to be reckoned with. May you be rewarded with many victories. Those who devoted their lives to God’s holy message are blessed. be distraught (Praying.) Thank you, Allah! Huh! Prosecutor, oh prosecutor! Prosecutor, oh prosecutor! How do you become a prosecutor? You’ve started shouting. That principality would have been yours if you hadn’t been patient and changed your mind at the last moment.

Barbaroslar Season1 Episode 8

You figured it out. Osman, Osman, Osman, O Bala is my name. My name is Osman.

God Almighty heard my prayers. I couldn’t stand seeing Kay Bey without you. Otherwise, my Bala, you will be the Kay chicks’ leader. However, your task will be more complicated than mine. Osman, why did you say that? Urdu Subtitles for Dundar, Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 8 Turkish gentlemen’s wives are customary. While their lords were at the battle, the tribe’s responsibilities fell to the women. You will be the people’s eyes and picture of my Osman. Treat those who approach you with compassion.

Also, constantly pay attention to their problems.

My lovely princess. Mom, I was listening. I’ll take your advice. However, do not send your brain unfair wishes. Don’t use your intellect, heart, or mind to accept unfair consents. Respond with the title of Cemil of your right to those who ask for freedom from you. And if someone asks you to be a tool of injustice like Jalil, you must refuse and even warn them. Mom, I was listening. I’ll take your advice. Any counsel I offer you will be unjust to you since you are the daughter of Sheikh Edebali’s sister, Lady Bala Hatun. You understand how to speak, how to be silent, and how to walk and stand. Dubbed in Urdu and Hindi for Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 7


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