Barbaroslar Season1 Episode 9 Urdu Hindi Dubbed

Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 9 Urdu Hindi Dubbed

Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 9 Urdu Hindi Dubbed for  I want to get married. Get your pattern together. Could you show me the route? Well, brother, mine was a difficult one. My Boran is correct. She, too, was experiencing difficulties until she expressed her desire to marry—my younger brother. Look. You’ll come across it and utter it in the same breath. Without bending and twisting, without flipping it over like this. with a single breath, Isn’t it amazing how much you can say in one breath? Hello, hello, hello, hello, hello, hello, hello, hello, hello, hello Cerkutay is your name. Be courageous. Come up to it, say it in one breath, and then let it go. If God does not reap you, you will perish.

Neither Cerkutay nor lovers die. Brother, in a single breath?

My brother, in a single breath. with a single breath, Your hands don’t appear to be in any danger. , the right of your majesty, the right of the most outstanding name, your prophets, the right of your parents’ light, the right of your martyrs’ blood. I’ve done nothing to merit your wrath. Please be merciful to me. Lord, you are supreme. You are all-powerful. With your kindness, grant us the capacity to overcome the traps made by the unbelieving.

Accept it, Lord, as I raised my hands to praise you.

I’ve created the gas for you, O, owner of all properties. It’s for you that I shot the Pusat. It is to establish your illustrious name as the most powerful globally. Give me and my generation the strength to achieve this fantastic ambition. Urdu Subtitles for Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 9 Lord, I implore you. Give me the power to defeat the unbeliever, O Lord. Give us courage, O Lord, to avoid the traps they’ve placed for us. Yours is the victory. You are the one who makes us triumphant. Amine, Please notify your Osman Bey. We’ve been given a gift. We will deliver whatever present you send. It’s a significant gift.

I’d want to introduce myself. Come on, don’t be a slacker.

I’ve heard your Alps have been unleashed on the Catalan hunt. However, things did not proceed as planned. I had an account that these Catalans could view. Thank you for noticing it. Mashallah. You exemplified bravery. Of course, they were killed. Our adversary was an ordinary person. That’s right. The adversary turned out to be a friend. And every hero requires a companion like you. to be present. These are far from the only examples. Urdu Subtitles for Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 9 After what Obama did, I have a lot of accounts to look at, and they’re all wasting their time. So, bye-bye. Mr. Turgut, please come to a halt. Said, quit. Goktug. Sir, it is your command. The Alps.

Barbaroslar Season1 Episode 9

We severed the enemy’s lifelines as you were murdering them.

Turgut Bey, your share has also been assigned. Be present. With his look, he attempts to crush us. Brother, we should have brought the Catalans’ corpse. Goktug. Brother, don’t put yourself through this. The traitors’ lives were taken as a result. Wouldn’t you be disappointed if we didn’t receive it? That’s correct. That’s all there is to it, bro. Harmankaya Castle is a castle in Harmankaya, Russia. Cornelia, we did a great job hosting Malhun Hatun. He was delighted when he left the palace. However, you must be cautious about what you say in their presence!

They even arrest and torture people who choose to oppose it.

I want you to be a salve for these downtrodden co-religionists’ wounds. How can I be of assistance to them? Osman Bey, I couldn’t even defend myself. Didn’t I say anything to you, pastor? We have also been entrusted with your spirit and your refuge. Did you believe I would let go of your hand when I sent you there? Don’t be concerned. And you’ll have the company of my Alps. Don’t worry, and they’ll take your security. I want your presence and words to be a breath of fresh air for the downtrodden there. 8th Episode

You don’t have any fresh information. Cornelia! Cornelia! You’ve arrived.

Every step of the journey, You owe me a second chance—the beauty of Byzantium. Urdu Subtitles for Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 9 Being in debt is something I despise. We’ll be on equal footing. Are you all OK, sir? I’m wonderful. Sir. Stop, stop, stop. Soldiers! Bring the horses with you! What will he say to you, sir? Osman. He recognizes the relic as the cross that Jesus Christ was crucified on.

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