Barbarossa Episode 10 in Urdu Hindi Dubbed Season 1

Barbarossa Episode 10 in Urdu Hindi Dubbed Season 1

Barbarossa Episode 10 Urdu Hindi dubbed Season 1 Which of your warriors possesses a sword equal to his alps? Neither of you! No one should ever try to give me advice! The fundamental order will not be disrupted! If this arrangement is disturbed, we shall see all fall beneath Osman’s crop. Barbarossa Season 1 Episode 10 Urdu Subtitles were tough because of the Sultan’s soldiers. Jason, you have no right to speak that way! Enough! It’s pointless to eat each other here! The Sultan or his troops aren’t the problems! Osman, Osman, Osman, Osman, Osman, Osman

Do you still have no idea what I’m talking about? We’ll need to load up.

Finish him off on the right-wing. You still refer to him as Osman. Dukas Osman and his alps battle far better than the Sultan’s army, didn’t you say? True! However, we have our regular army, and the Sultan’s army is exhausted. They’ve been travelling for days from Konya to get here. Barbarossa Season 1 Episode 10 Urdu Subtitles By the morning of the next day, they’ll be even more exhausted. Did you get what I was saying? We were unable to outdo each other.

Barbarossa Full Episode 10

My army is exhausted. Once we’ve destroyed the steel core, we’ll go on to the next step.

Then it will become nourishment for our alps, thanks to Dukas. By Allah’s grace, my sultan, we shall do this tomorrow. With your bravery and determination, you didn’t give them a chance. That core is going to snap. Good luck, Malian woman. Said, quit. You, too, are seated. Let’s talk about it; I don’t want to eat myself. Let’s fill your tummy because you’re being exhausted all day. Then get some rest. Let’s eat, let’s eat. Is there a Destur out there, Malhun girl? Come on, Bala woman, you can do it. Good luck with your meal.

What are you up to, honey? Eat. Zoyi, I said eat! What

What does this Bala woman represent? You were told to eat! I said, “Bala woman, what would you do?” This average is out to get you. He inadvertently poisoned himself. Barbarossa Episode 10 Urdu Hindi dubbed Season 1 Lie. You’ll eat your chest back if you’re speaking the truth. Alternatively, I can feed it to you! A healer lady in Söüt gave him the poison that will kill you and your son and himself. It’s also been added by Zoyi. Oh my goodness, what’s going on! What are you doing? Please let me go, and I’m a senior citizen!

Old friend, tell me what you’ve been up to with Zoyi.

Otherwise, I’m not going to respect your age, and I will cut your neck! Please don’t let me go! To clarify! We apprehended the poisoner and imprisoned her in the caged tent. What exactly was your goal? Who are you working for, and who forced you to do this? Nicholas. Isn’t she an orphan girl? Zoyi, you’ve let me down. Put this in the confined tent with Alaca, Gonca! Come. Take a late seat. It’s late, so please be quiet. When Osman Bey returns, he will reduce his penalties. I didn’t trust you when you said that.

I believed you were envious of me, but I was mistaken. If it wasn’t for it,

We would have lost our son if it hadn’t been for you, Barbarossa Episode 10 in Urdu Subtitles Season 1! Malhun, Malhun, Malhun, Malhun, Malhun My child is the same age as yours. This is something you should never forget. To avoid becoming envious, I will sacrifice the entire world for your child! We aren’t merely Osman’s wife and troops who must perish. This is a term I want you to remember.

Nicholas! Thank you, God! Are you all right? Helen. Where are the others, Helen and Dukas? All of Dukas, Adnos, Jason, and Feridles have died! Is Dukas’ evil arrogance to blame for his death? Victory and victory shouted win, leaving us with a massive setback rather than a success. 9th Episode

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