Barbarossa Episode 14 Bolum 14 In Urdu hindi Dubbed

Barbarossa Episode 14 Bolum 14 In Urdu hindi Dubbed

Barbarossa Episode 14 Bolum 14 In Urdu hindi Dubbed Don’t overextend yourself. Go out and buy mines based on your whims, and then give raids. Osman Bey, what is your goal? And you’re questioning my country’s freedom? How do you know the ambushes you’ll set up from the mines won’t be aimed at the Seljuks? Know what you’re saying and say it. I appreciate your perspective but don’t go too far. This is treason, and I will never betray Sultan Mesut’s command. Because of the deals, you performed without authority, the Kay tribe’s tax has been quadrupled. The state has arrived. Allow me to prepare a room for you at Söüt. Apart from it,

I’ll be residing here. Whatever you say will be carried out. Onr,

At the inn, I want Turkmen gentlemen. We were conversing. Our braves had already arrived at negöl. They’ll check around the streets and gather information there. In Urdu Subtitles for Barbarossa Episode 14 Bolum 14, They don’t have a pusat with them, though. As a result, we’ll use Hera Hatun’s automobile to access the front door. There will be pacifiers in the vehicle. You will transport the posts to the alps after entering the city. The rest is up to our willpower and wrists. We’re going to take our Boran brother away from them. May God bless our Gaza. Sir, it is your command. Lets. Dear Byzantine sons,

Boran Alp is the most faithful alpi of Turkish Osman.

So, what did Osman, our arch-enemy, do to us? He took our community. He swiped ours. As a result, he assassinated you. It will carry on killing. That is correct. Where was Boran Alp while Osman was murdering you, while he was capturing our village and mine? Osman in Barbarossa Episode 13 Bolum 13 Urdu Subtitles Hallelujah So, what’s next? Food for wolves, birds, and insects, for example, will be available. After then, it’ll be Osman’s time. Do whatever you want right now. It’s all yours. My God, My God, My God, If they sliced me up into a thousand pieces right now, I’d be OK.

I’m not going to bow down to them. The Prophet refused to kowtow to.

The polytheists were oppressed. I will not, and I will not, I will not, I will not, I will not, I will not, I will not. Make it worse with our master’s fury if I am a martyr here today. Allah Akbar Allah, What happens to the martyrs? They are taken to the afterlife. The alps are all in heaven now, Gonca Hatun. Kaya’s courageous mountains. So, what exactly do you do? Auburn Abdal, we remember our martyrs. You have no idea, you know. Do all of our martyrs end up in the same spot? Do not term those who die in Allah’s path dead in the Qur’an, for they are living.

Barbarossa Full Episode 14 Bolum 14

The spear was thrown by him. Threw My Hamza has collapsed to the ground.

Uhud is inconsolably sobbing blood. But we exist; we will fly the Kayi flag, pass the Kayi flag, fly the Kayi flag, fly the Kayi flag Sacrifices to God Sacrifices to God Stop What brought you here? Why did you come, I’m asking? Are you hard of hearing? My wife and I traveled from Nikaya to do some shopping. It makes no difference where you’re from. We’ll tell you to get out of the automobile. Look through the vehicle. What exactly is this apathy? Are you looking for a car that used to belong to Governor Sagaros’ daughter?

You have no right to say that. Please accept my apologies; we were rude.

Make room for me. You will pay a high price if you do not. Open the gates, soldiers. Lets. Allow the alps to Pusat, Gencebey. Lets. I went to Söüt to see it. Its building is fantastic, but you, Osman Bey, are the son’s light, hoping for these ends. I had imagined you to live in much more opulent surroundings. I’m afraid I didn’t find what I was looking for in Söüt. It has a lot of flaws. Of course, there are flaws in the environment people live, but the ideal individual sees everything. The statement perceives only incompleteness in the world because of what is lacking.

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