Barbarossa Episode 17 In Urdu Hindi Dubbed

Barbarossa Episode 17 In Urdu Hindi Dubbed

Barbarossa Episode 17 In Urdu Hindi Dubbed As I already stated, this chick will bring me a lot of problems. You opened it, but all of these challenges appear to be pleasant if you’re like me. It will not be simple. Which one is the easiest to fall in love with? Through all of these trials and tribulations, I support you. Will you be my lovely partner, Mari, as the owner of my heart? Turgut, I will bear any difficulty after spending time with you. Gunduz Bey should be contacted. I want to speak with him about something essential. You should, however, warn Osman so that he does not hear.

Let Koses know that Mari is about to be handed over.

My words do not affect the renowned murderer of Osman, son of Erturul Gazi, at these extremes, where I am the greatest Sultan of seven climates and four seasons, like your shadow. Your rebel servant is trading with Saguaros, the illegal governor of Iznik, who is rebellious to this allegiance. The Harmankaya Tekfuru’s sea of irresponsibility is so vast that he keeps Ultimate Koses’ sister prisoner in his clutches. His actions are hostile to the Seljuk nation and you, our Sultan.

I’m worried about Osman, the rebel.

Will doom us to be crushed by the Mongols and the Greeks at Kayseri. My primary concern is that he is dissatisfied with his position as principal and is obsessed with building a state. It is because of his avarice that he has caused so many problems. He’ll follow the bird. Before the ink on it dries, it will reach the Sultan. Osman Bey, there was no time to inquire. The state is in charge. Even if you doubt, he maintains that it is a well-guarded secret. It is a well-guarded secret.

Barbarossa Full Episode 17

How long has it been since you last saw him?

Is he going to send his most devoted soldier to Konya? Who else except me, my sheikh, could have predicted that you’d meet the Sultan? How will Koses be able to figure out the route? Subtitles in Urdu for Barbarossa Episode 17 We didn’t keep our trip to Konya a secret. Our plan was kept a secret. Osman Bey, do you have any ideas on this? Certainly, Konur Alpin was there, and when he came to Konya, he realized he would be hired. After Alem Shah, I’ll place one of my alps.

You must understand what it does.

What good are words in a language if there is no proof, Osman Bey? Sooner or later, the truth will be out. The servant must also put out the effort. I plan to return to Konya as quickly as possible. Subtitles in Urdu for Barbarossa Episode 17 The vizier’s game will be evident when he gets to Konya. Those who wish to begin must first overcome their pride. Greetings, Mr. Gunduz. You’ve gone so far beyond yourself that you’ve given up your right to be a prince.

Dubbed in Urdu for Barbarossa Episode 17

You’ve come to the wrong door if your goal is to create dualism in Kayi and shift power. My goal is to bring people together rather than separate them. Its goal is to bring all Turkmen together under the banner of the magnificent Seljuk sanjak. This necessitates initial stability. His brother’s triumph jeopardizes this stability. When did conquering and expanding Turkish land become a waste of time? Our previous strength has vanished. The Mongolians dry out our marrow. 16th episode

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