Barbarossa Episode 19 With Urdu Hindi Dubbed

Barbarossa Episode 19 With Urdu Hindi Dubbed

Barbarossa Episode 19 With Urdu Hindi Dubbed Let’s get started. Keep an eye on the automobile that emerges. Mother! Is it up to par? I’ll have both hands on your collar if anything happens to my mum. Open your eyes and look at the predicament you created, Gündüz. How did it go? Who did this, exactly? Who will collaborate? You can also inquire. He has done it for whomever our death will benefit. Julia. Nikola is with you, as is his dog. But Nikola isn’t the only one who’s been left behind. You know pretty well who we are a barrier to, Gündüz Bey. Vizier Alemşah sent the dog after us. Aren’t you weary of learning everything that occurs to you from Alemşah?

Gunduz Bey, you should know better.

The vizier’s and Nikola’s aims are the same. Mother. I’m not going to put it in the same room as the people that do it. Have you been thinking about my mum lately? You snatched me out of my obedient state. Mother With Urdu Subtitles, Barbarossa Episode 19: Who are you exactly? Kay is clutched in our palm. Gündüz, their new gentleman, will not break my word. Beautiful. Osman attempted to assassinate the Sultan, and now the treacherous Konya will be his final resting place.

The Sultan’s health is said to be deteriorating.

What if he passes away? Alemşah, we lament. His younger son becomes sultan. The child cannot breach our word. Our strategies operate effectively in both the east and the west. Iznik and the neighboring regions will be ours after this initial advance. I’m going to build a massive Greek-Turkish-Mongolian army with the strength I gained there! I will depose Mongol monarch Argun Khan with this army. I’ll take a seat! You’ll be seated on the throne. I’ll be the king of Ali Seljuk even if they don’t name me sultan. Osman is the only thing standing in the way.

What have you been up to? Finally, Kosses ,Kosses Kos Osman!

With Urdu Subtitles, Barbarossa Episode 19 What are your plans? So you’ve decided to contact me. You’re one of the people that dumped snow on Ali Selçulu. Your demise will be similar to that of your nökers. I’m about to collapse on you, Osman, like a landslide! Please, don’t make me laugh. Come, Osman. You’ve already defeated Selman. You got away just before he was about to be slain in the chamber. You have the dagger. When Osman dies, you and Oban will be regarded as traitors! Allah, of course, tells the servant what He knows! Osman Bey, long live!

Our forehead’s flux goes from mouth to tongue!

The statement is well-known around the world. Osman. Don’t be concerned! Brother! Oh my brother, oh my brother, oh my brother, oh my brother, oh my brother. You battled courageously, brother, while the fearless’s bone melted and his name remained—my younger brother. With Urdu Subtitles, Barbarossa Episode 18, I go to my Lord with the satisfaction of dying on the right road. Eşhedü en la eşhedü en la eşhedü en ‘Allah is Great!’ Gee! God! Hello, Masha Allah. Solgur agha, Solgur agha, Solgur agha, Sol You screamed and instilled dread in the oppressor’s heart. Mashallah, you chopped it like a hunter! It’s known as the lion hunter, and the fact that he called you Osman was enough for me.

Barbarossa Full Episode 19

Thank you, but today’s share was not the lion, but the dog.

Be present. If you go into problems in Konya, I’ll find you and accompany you wherever you go. Allow it to happen! – Osman Bey, you as well. Mashallah. Are you the kid that looks like the apple of Halime’s eye? Have you ever imagined what your mother would say if she found out you were abandoning your brother? Don’t go for the main. Let’s face it, and I didn’t leave my brother. I’ve always admired you, you know? Halime Hatun has raised a wonderful son.

With Urdu Dubbed, Barbarossa Episode 19

My primary source of irritation is my liver. I’m back with my brother. Inquire here. Which side do you support? Do you realize there’s a narrative here? They kidnapped a man and thrashed him. They’d slam their fists into the man’s chest, and he’d scream for my return. They finally came to a halt and shouted, “Man, we will strike your chest; why are you crying for my back?” Are you aware of what he said? He continued, you wouldn’t be able to strike my chest if my back and back were solid. After a long absence, Brother has returned. Set your shop on the pillar. Lets. Right, bless your mum.

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