Barbarossa Episode 22 With Urdu Hindi Dubbed


Barbarossa Episode 22 With Urdu Hindi Dubbed

Barbarossa Episode 22 With Urdu Hindi Dubbed, You’ve already defeated Selman. You got away just before he was about to be slain in the chamber. You have the dagger. When Osman dies, you and Oban will be regarded as traitors! Allah, of course, tells the servant what He knows! Osman Bey, long live! Our forehead’s flux goes from mouth to tongue! Osman’s phrase is well-known around the world. Don’t be concerned! Brother! Oh my brother, oh my brother, oh my brother, oh my brother, oh my brother. You battled courageously, brother, while the fearless’s bone melted and his name remained.

Barbarossa Episode 22 dubbed in Urdu and Hindi

Eşhedü en la eşhedü en la eşhedü en With Urdu Subtitles, Barbarossa Episode 22 ‘Allah is Great!’ Gee! God! Hello, Masha Allah. Aga! Solgur! You screamed and instilled dread in the oppressor’s heart. Mashallah, you chopped it like a hunter! It’s known as the lion hunter, and the fact that he called you Osman was enough for me. However, today’s sharing was not the lion but the dog. Be present. If you go into problems in Konya, I’ll find you and accompany you wherever you go. Please join us! – Osman Bey, you as well.

Masallah. Are you the kid that looks like the apple of Halime’s eye?

Have you ever imagined what your mother would say if she found out you were abandoning your brother? Don’t go for the main. Let’s face it, and I didn’t leave my brother. I’ve always admired you, you know? I said that she would stay by her brother and make up for his absence because of what a fine son Halime Hatun had reared. My primary source of irritation is my liver. I’m back with my brother. Inquire here. Which side do you support?

Do you realise there’s a narrative here?

They kidnapped a man and thrashed him. They’d slam their fists into the man’s chest, and he’d scream for my return. They finally came to a halt and shouted, “Man, we will strike your chest; why are you crying for my back?” Are you aware of what he said? My remarks will not affect you. You can become a student of your conscience and a guide to your soul if you want to wake up from a day of heedlessness. Everything is quite clear.

Barbarossa Full Episode 22


Geyhatu and Vizier Alemşah collaborate.

It’s very evident. What are our options now? It is obvious what should be done. Sultan Mesut expects them to work together. We’ll have to wait and see. They are, nevertheless, masters in the art of eye washing. What about Sultan Mesut, for example? Do we know if he’s living or dead? Even if God permits it to exist. The dry beam gets as bad as a knot if it passes away. Let us hope he survives; else, the situation will be dire.

I’m hoping he’ll improve.

– With any luck. Of course, the Sultan will improve, and he will improve. Osman Bey, how are we going to mend these wounds? Your tribe has been kidnapped. My writing instrument. Both of our countries regard us as traitors. What are we going to do now, tell me? What I’m going to say will be difficult for you to comprehend, Kosses. Is the property ours, and we mourn its loss? Allah is the sole owner of the property. Obama is a special moment for me, and I’m passionate about making him great.

That is the sole reason for my existence.

With Urdu Subtitles, Barbarossa Episode 21 Let them know how they’d like us to behave. Our intention, our pure heart, is to lead us along the path of righteousness. Thanks. You claim that I am subservient to Obama rather than to myself. Do you agree with Turgut’s point of view? Our belief remains the same if we leave everything behind and spend the night in this cave. Mari, on the other hand, is my whole worry. Mari is a brave young lady. After all, his elder brother taught him how to fight. Thanks. Kay’s women are also accompanying him.

Of sure, Osman Bey, they’ll keep an eye on each other.

They look after each other, and we look after each other. May Allah make it possible for us to fight for the exact cause. Amine. I’ll go on my way when I have Osman Bey’s pen. You know, we’ve had a long history of animosity with you. Only God knows who will be friends with whom and who will be adversaries when destiny opens such doors. Of course, there’s a reason you’re here with me right now. Sultan, my Sultan! Thank you very much, Sultan! Who was it that did this to me? Osman Sultan, Osman Sultan, Osman Sultan, Osman Sultan Osman… Osman has gotten away from the palace and is desired by everyone. He is supposed to have originated in Konya.

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