Barbrossa Season 2 Episode 1 with Urdu & Hindi Dubbed

Barbrossa Season 2 Episode 1 with Urdu & Hindi Dubbed

Barbrossa Season 2 Episode 1 with Urdu & Hindi Dubbed now on Giggly and Facebook. Barbroslar Mehmet, how are you capable of such a thing? What did you reveal? A new line was planned for construction to reach Aqaba. Sister, that was a governmental secret. It’s kept a secret. Sultan. Not only did the Dutch forbid Muslims in Aceh from travelling on pilgrimage. It was said. Take off your flag’s crescent.

Barbrossa Season 2 Episode 1 In Urdu Subtitles

have pledged their loyalty to our caliph. We don’t adhere to any restrictions, they claimed. a country in the midst of a sizable ocean has put their faith in God and His messenger. and has vowed to support us. As much as possible, we should stand by their side. However, it appears that this is insufficient. Sultan. The prohibition on pilgrimage is currently the most important problem. The problem is this. being able to travel there We are concerned about the railroad because of this, Pasha. a railroad connecting Istanbul and Hejaz.


Barbroslar Season 2 Episode 1 with Hindi Dubbed

From there, it will connect to India and Baghdad. From there, take a ship to Aceh Island. I apologise, Sultan. Regarding the problem of individuals travelling to Jerusalem from Aceh, we are shackled hand and foot. Stream Barbrossa Episode 1 of Season 2 in Urdu I’m hurt by this, Sultan. In addition, but we’ll stop that. Son. Leave the house where Hiram speaks with the Vatican. Look into the new orders that have come in. As directed, Sultan. We should go ask Hiram. He wants to kill us, but why? Do enter. My grandfather, Fatih Sultan Mehmet, was a young boy at the time.

Barbrossa Season 2 Episode 1 with Urdu Dubbed

when he was still known as Mehmet. He erred in judgement. when his father discovered. This youngster might never grow up to be a man, he said. Aksemseddin commented after learning this. What does fate say versus what does your father say? Fate had it right. was correct. Bolum 1 of Season 2 of Barbrossa in Urdu My granddad was given a decent route by fate. This boy matured. grew to become Fatih. If only I had been wrong when I asserted that this youngster won’t become a man. Sir. I feel bad for upsetting you. Where are you going to take Ahsen?

Barbaros Hayreddin Season 2 Episode 33 Giveme 5

Their blood was spilled into the ocean. The water turned them into blood brothers. aa That is what is said. That sea, known to Arabs as Bahr I Sefid and to Turks as the Mediterranean, was a monster that ate the thrones and crowns of kings. Even Caesar Kayzar, the Greek monarch, was taken prisoner there and afterwards sold into slavery by pirates.

Barbaros Hayreddin Episode 33 Makki tv

A well-known legend’s nameless tale was about to begin. Mainmast reefing Captain has been in pain ever since we left. I repeated it to him a thousand times. We are aware of the solution. But he won’t pay attention. He gestured for us, and we responded, “Eyv Allah.” It is now our responsibility to steer the ship while safeguarding the cargo. Levents. I have never sent you into a conflict that I would later regret. I shall now talk honestly. It has no waves.

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