Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 16 in Urdu Hindi Dubbed

Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 16 in Urdu Subtitles

Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 16 in Urdu Hindi Dubbed. It’s my Mama! Please, hold on, my mother! It’s my Mama! Mama, please hold on! Honey! I’m about to kill you! Come! Come! Bala, it’s now your turn! What was the source of these? Mama, don’t let go! Hold on! No, Mom! You guffaw like a hyena who’s seen a lion. Come on, now. Come on, and you can do it! Osman Bey, enough is enough! That’s it, sir! Lions! Let’s get out of this mess, and I know where the gate is.

Buyuk Selcuklu Season 1 Episode 16

This is where it comes from. My fearless, Mashallah! Thank you for everything, Mom! Malhun! Honey! Soldiers! We’re going to start filming! What are your credentials? Self-identify! Clear! You’re correct! Let’s go to the store! Hold on to the mother, don’t abandon me! Mama, please hold on! Insha’Allah, insha’Allah, insha’Allah, and The Boran Alps were seen. Cenk is a brave square. We are, thank God, on our side.

Thank you very much. Destur as well! Destur! What exactly do you want?

I need your assistance. Shush! Shush! You, the snake next to you! What did I require? – Julia. We need to be able to protect women from being attacked. Take a look at me; what kind of trap would you set for me? Have you recovered from your earlier blunder such that I may trust your word now? Boran, we realized our error, and thank God we returned, but if you don’t come with me now, it will be excruciating. Are you on the right track? Sir, I hope Destur is present. – Come on, now. Sir, Osman Bey, news arrived from Konya.

Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 15 in Urdu Hindi Dubbed

Queen… Queen! My brother died as a result of your actions. You brought death with you to these people. Vizier, you will pass an undead end. Boran! – I’m dead! Boran, I say! What’s wrong with defying the vizier in front of the brain? Yetti Boran… It’s time for you to come to your senses. Come on over! Osman Bey, oh, oh, oh, oh While we hope that you will be forgiven, you continue to make mistakes. It’s as if everything is crystal clear. Alemşah, the Vizier, and Geyhatu collaborate. It’s evident there. So, what do we do now? It’s obvious what to do. Sultan Mesut wants to see them work together. We’ll see what happens. They are, nevertheless, masters at eye washing. Sultan Mesut, how about you?

Do we know if he is living or dead?

Even if it is allowed to live by God. If it expires… The dried beam then turns as knotty as a knot. Let us hope he survives; else, the situation will deteriorate. I spent a lot of time with Sultan Mesut, and he is a formidable opponent. It has the appearance of steel. I’m hoping he’ll improve. – Hopefully. Of course, the Sultan will improve. Osman Bey, how are we going to bandage these wounds? They’ve kidnapped your people. It’s my pen. Both of our countries believe us to be traitors. Kosses, you’re going to have a hard time understanding what I’m about to say. Is the property ours, and how do we feel about its loss? Buy Urdu Subtitles for Episode 16 of Selcuklu.

I’ll never be afraid of the oppressor’s trap or the hypocrite’s hypocrisy.

I always have faith in you, in your Selam. Lord, Lord! Allow my generation and me to disseminate the word and the sentence over the planet. Urdu Subtitles for Episode 15 of Selcuklu. Protect us from all ills, great and small, that come before us for the sake of world order. If I fell amid these stones now, it was because of the dream of this beautiful existence. Lord, give me a chance to emerge from the slander with a clear face.

You, who know hearts, give me the ability to tear down the barriers that stand in my way.

Allow me to use this generation to make this great state the most powerful in the world. Thank you, Lord! Amen… Mr. Bamsi, how did you handle it? Like me, you buried your brothers. Please, especially Bamsi brain double pusats, give me some guidance. Bamsi Bey felt the same pains I did. You were there to see it all. Tell me how you handled it.
Put it out there! Or did you bestow this authority on him? Also, please give it to me.

The other person’s mind must be turned away from me.

It is up to me to match Bamsi Bey’s tenacity. It’s up to you to collect all of them with these pusats! Goodbye! Pusats… He managed to flee while being transported to Konya. Lgezdi also martyred a sergeant and numerous Seljuk soldiers. One of the Alps, Göktu, was also martyred during the defection. Göktuğ… Kay’s bravery is admirable. Göktuğ… Göktuğ… My sibling! Goktug! You.

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