Destan Episode 1 in Urdu & Hindi dubbed

Destan Episode 1 in Urdu & Hindi dubbed In Urdu, Destan Episode 1 Malhun. Please, don’t make me laugh. Come on, Malhun, you can do it. What are your plans? Today will see a lot of bloodsheds. Quite a bit. It was only a day ago. I’m going to see Manuel, the brother of the Governor of Iznik. He’ll strike them with a trade if they don’t want it to continue. I’ll provide him with a trade opportunity that none of the Lords can. If he’s wise, he’ll join me. If he’s an idiot, on the other hand, he’ll be against me. A man will soar or fall depending on who he is conversing with. The agreement we’ll reach with the governor of Iznik will strengthen the Kayi tribe’s trust.

Destan Episode 1 Full HD

A wolf who doesn’t bother a hundred dogs isn’t a wolf! Osman Bey. But, when you’re saying it nicely, Isn’t this going to enrage the Lords? Bala, there’s no difference between lords and crazed dogs. A wolf isn’t a wolf if it doesn’t bother a hundred dogs. The hostility of the heretics is self-evident. Their hatred stems from the past. Their problem is that we attempt to make this place into a homeland. That is why my Osman will begin by destroying them from within. Evellallah. Bey. If you don’t mind, I’d want to join you. Make the necessary preparations. Bey. On the roadways, there are a lot of bandits. The Lords must have foreseen that you’d run into the governor.

I’ll take a different route than the popular Iznik route.

Malhun Hatun will also be present. I’m terrified of a heinous ambush. Bala Hatun, our blade was battered hard with the blood of traitors. Evellallah, we’ll take care of everything with my Bey. What about the entrustment, Bey? I’m not going to bring it with me. I’ll take a different route than the popular Iznik route—the order of Osman Bey. Place the horseshoes carefully. We’ll take the Kizilhisar course to Iznik. There are a lot of rocky cliffs along that road. Destan Episode 1 in Urdu, Eyvallah Baykurt Keeps your mouth shut. Eyvallah. Malhun Hatun, I’ll take care of Orhan.

Then let me go to work on tomorrow’s plans!

Don’t be concerned. Bala Hatun, may Allah bless you. Thank you very much, Bala. Do you mind if I come in, Bey? Please come in. Hatun, I assumed he wanted to see you. Then, Osman Bey, let me begin my preparations for tomorrow. I’m going to get on the road. The entrust will spend the night in the tent. Also, keep in mind what I mentioned. According to what I’ve heard, the creature will remain in the tent. Gokce, you’ve done a fantastic job. Do not close your eyes. Keep in mind.

We’ll set up a trap for him!

Holy Jesus, send greetings to Kosses. I do not deserve your pity. The infidels defeated me, and they don’t believe you, Holy Jesus. Sir, Please come in. Sir, Lord Nikola, and Lord Kosses have come. That’s something we can’t allow to happen. Osman’s voyage to Nikea will be his final adventure. We’ll set up a trap for him. However, he is not taking the Nikea Road. He has already taken precautions, according to Destan Episode 1 in Urdu. He intends to travel via Kizilcahisar.

You should attack him with a large army!

And we’ll annihilate him there. It appears that your pigeons delivered the news to you. So, I’m taking on this responsibility. Any criticisms? Nikola, you should attack him with an army. You should bring the Catalans with you. I want to be sure he’s dead. There’s also some essential information to provide. Osman refuses to accept the sacred entrustment. It indicates that he will store it in his tent. While you’re removing the heart, I’ll remove his tribe’s holy entrustment. By assassinating everyone in my path! What method will you use to do this?

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