Health Insurance for International Students in Germany

Health Insurance for International Students in Germany. In Germany, international students are required to get health insurance. It is not only necessary to acquire a study visa in Germany, but it also protects you in medical crises. While students enrolling in degree programs are covered by the government, individuals enrolled in preparatory or language courses and those over the age of 30 must acquire private health insurance.

Health Insurance for International Students in Germany

Only private health insurance is available to students over the age of 30 and students enrolled in language and preparation courses, Ph.D. students, and visiting scientists.

A German public health insurance provider must cover an EU/EEA student if they are doing a paid internship or student job in Germany.

The German public health insurance system does not cover the following groups:

Students wishing to study in Germany must have valid health insurance in their native country.
Students not enrolled in a German degree program are eligible to apply (e.g., preparatory or language courses).
Post-graduate students and scholarship winners (without a contract of employment).

Private health insurance from a German student, health insurance provider is your sole option. DR-WALTER, a well-known German health insurance company, offers the EDUCARE24 health insurance plan to all international students.

EDUCARE24 offers the following benefits:
  • It meets all of the requirements for a German study visa.
    It is accepted by all German embassies and consulates worldwide.
    -complimentary health insurance
EDUCARE24 is offered in a range of configurations that are tailored to the individual needs of:
  • Linguistic students
  • Students from other countries are welcome.
  • Visiting scientists and PhDs
  • Interns/Trainees
  • Members of your family who are accompanying you
  • It’s important to remember that health insurance is required to obtain a German student visa and enroll in a German institution.
How much does student health insurance cost in Germany?
  • International students can receive health insurance from a public health insurance provider for €103.94 – €111.75 per month, covering primary and long-term care insurance.
The public health insurance contributions for 2019/20 are as follows:

Techniker Krankenkasse is abbreviated as TK. 105,80 € per month (€103.94 for students under the age of 22)
Euros 107,29 Baden-Württemberg AOK
Euros 108,77 € 111,75 Barmer Kaufmännische Krankenkasse (KKH)

Private health insurance in Germany starts at around €33 per month and rises depending on the additional services you select and whether you plan to stay for 18 months or longer.

How can you get statutory health insurance as an international student in Germany?
  • Techniker’s Health Fund (TK)
  • Techniker Krankenkasse (TK) is one of Germany’s most popular public health insurers with cheap rates and good service. It is pretty popular among both domestic and international students.
  • Health Insurance for International Students in Germany
How do I complete my online TK student health insurance application?

You don’t have to work out on your own whether or not you can get TK student insurance to cover your time in Germany. Because, in conjunction with TK, DR-WALTER has developed an online consulting tool to help you evaluate your insurance needs and apply for coverage immediately. Consider the case where you require both private and statutory health insurance.

What is covered by international student health insurance?

Degree students up to 29 are entitled to public health insurance through the Techniker Krankenkasse, a statutory health insurance fund, as previously indicated.

On the other hand, DR-WALTER’S GERMAN STUDENT INSURANCE is a specific insurance plan for international students studying in Germany. It’s a cost-effective insurance combination that covers public and private health care. Apart from providing statutory and private insurance services, the German Student Insurance has several advantages. All official bodies accept this insurance solution because your student visa application requires proof of German health insurance. You’ll get an instant confirmation certificate that you may use as proof of health insurance. In Germany, there is simple insurance for overseas students.

Health insurance is provided to students enrolled in preparatory courses in Germany.

Even students enrolled in preparatory courses are required by law to have health insurance in Germany. These students, however, will be unable to enroll with a public health insurance provider for international students because they have not yet commenced their degree program. They will be compelled to buy a private health insurance policy. International Students’ Health Insurance in Germany

To enroll in their degree program, these students must pass the Feststellungsprüfung before the end of their preparatory course. They will be able to sign up for statutory health insurance plans. However, students participating in preparatory courses must have health insurance until then, which must be purchased from a private German health insurance provider such as EDUCARE24 by DR-WALTER.

Students participating in language classes in Germany are covered by health insurance.

Students enrolled in language lessons in Germany are required to acquire student health insurance. Instead, students should enroll in a private health insurance plan, as public plans are only available to those who have completed a degree program or found work.

Before signing a contract, it is always important to be aware of the services that private health insurances give. EDUCARE24 by DR-WALTER is a low-cost private health insurance company that offers some of the best services in the industry, guaranteeing that all of your healthcare needs are met.

German Exchange Students’ Health Insurance

Obtaining health insurance as an exchange student in Germany is pretty simple. Most exchange students only stay in Germany for a few months, generally a semester. These students may be eligible to cover healthcare expenditures with their European Health Insurance Card.

Ph.D. students in Germany are covered by health insurance.

In Germany, Ph.D. students are typically over the age of 30. As a result, they are not covered under the government’s healthcare plan. Whether or not a Ph.D. student is eligible for health insurance is determined by whether or not their university employs them. Students pursuing a Ph.D. can be divided into two categories:

  • Ph.D. students who concurrently work at a university.
  • Ph.D. students who the university does not employ.
  • Ph.D. students who also work at a university

Assume a Ph.D. student works as a professor or research assistant in their institution. In that instance, they will be required to contribute 7.3 percent, which another 7.3 percent from their employer will match.

Ph.D. students who the university does not employ

Ph.D. students under 30 who are not university employees are entitled to participate in a subsidized public health insurance plan. Those above the age of 30 should, however, seek out private health insurance providers.

They can, however, register with the traditional public healthcare system through their employer if they work part-time in any institution. These students can use their European Health Insurance Card as travel health insurance if they are only in Germany for a semester or less.

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