Kurulus Osman Episode 89 With Urdu Hindi Dubbed

Kurulus Osman Episode 89 With Urdu Hindi Dubbed

Kurulus Osman Episode 89 With Urdu Hindi Dubbed, I have a life I am willing to give up for your way, O Lord! You, who know hearts, have given me the ability to tear down the barriers that stand in my way. Allow me to lead this generation in making this lovely state the most powerful in the world. Lord, amen! Amen. Mr. Bamsi, how did you manage? You, like me, buried your brothers. Please, especially Bamsi brain double pusats, give me advice. Bamsi Bey went through the same ordeal I did. You were there for it all. Tell me how you dealt with it. Say it! Or did you grant him this authority? Could you give it to me as well? State it.

Kurulus Osman Episode 89 Full HD

What am I going to do now? Vote… Vote… Simply state it.

Say it! One of my brothers was martyred, and the other must turn his back on me. What am I going to do now? It’s up to me to match Bamsi Bey’s tenacity. With these pusats, it’s up to you to read them all! And now, bye! Ha, pusats. I’m going to chop them all down. Brother. By God, I finally understand the rumors I’d heard about you. We’re on the run, and we’re unhappy. You make a vow of vengeance. The dreams of my lord are priceless. Brother, it’s not about how you treat the pusata. It’s a question of the heart.

It’s all about faith. But believing in such a headline isn’t enough.

You have to believe in yourself. My lord persuaded us to accept. My lord bolstered our spirits. What about you? From the Caucasus, I’ve traveled a long distance. Brother, I have fallen behind Osman Bey and am one among the believers. You’ve acquired a sibling if you’ve lost one. Greetings, mashallah, to my brothers. Alemshah, Vizier! Alemshah, Vizier! Nikola, I have some vital news for you! What unimportant information are you going to deliver? Osman was duped so badly in Konya that he is now a traitor who assassinated Sultan Mesut. What caused this to happen? That is my top-kept secret. We’ve finally gotten rid of Osman for good! Is that correct? Isn’t Osman’s head no longer attached to his body? No, not yet.

It doesn’t matter! How could this be possible?

How can you overlook it when you’ve been convicted of such a heinous crime? This is a huge letdown, Vizier Alemshah! Nikola, you’ve disappointed me even more! What was he doing there, tell me? Before Kosses traveled to Constantinople, I should have murdered him! Nikola, it’s finished; there’s no point in spitting. But, in the end, just as you don’t conceal your successes, you won’t hide your failures. You’re not going to hide it so that the thorns you believe you’ve gotten out of our way don’t sting our feet.

I’ll show them to you first thing in the morning.

That is why, Nikola, I am a guest at your castle tonight. I’d be ecstatic. Osman. Osman, Osman, Osman, Osman, Osman Tell my Osman that your mother thinks highly of you. Always strive to be a part of the state that Osman envisioned. I’m hoping you’ll be able to spend those days together. I was hoping you wouldn’t say that; I hope to see all of you together—my precious daughter. With Urdu Subtitles, Kurulus Osman Episode 89, My Osman sees that glorious blissful dream repeatedly. Be aware that your children will be the interpretation of Osman’s dream. It is the responsibility of your mother to remind your children of this.

The tent’s tamers are the mothers. He works as a breeder.

From oba to state, Otadan oba expands. My name is Orhan, and I welcome you to my website. The deepest limbs of the tree will be Orhan and his brother. I’m sure you’ll keep an eye on your kids and keep them cool in the shade. Allow the state to exist without a mother in the cosmos. I’m grateful. Erdodu, did you hear? I want everything to be finished. It pains me to watch the infidel Nikola, who murdered my mother and sisters, sit on Harmankaya’s throne! Harmankaya Kay will possess it. My lord, the Alps crave conquest.

Everything in our possession is in good working order.

Let us, of course, stand close to the alps and see what happens. Sir, it is your command. This time, Osman allegedly provoked such a situation that Ayşe Sultan attempted to assassinate him. The sultan, fortunately, did not perish. They will smear me, but Osman Bey, my Bey, will not let it. Osman has been doing some crazy stuff recently! Even I am wary of these words. He’s the one who started it all by fleeing and refusing to submit even once! Oh, my sibling. Ah! What would have occurred if you had paid a bit more attention?

During the day, they play tricks on my Bey Osman.

Ayşe Bilmezim, I’m not sure, but the horse path is mixed up with the horse trail! I’m not sure. Every location is occupied, and getting out of here without colliding with the brutes is challenging. Every problem has a simple solution. Isn’t it true that they don’t retain the dogs’ bodies we murdered in the palace? Two courageous men rushed to our aid, but God bless my sheikh, whom he could not conquer. Who are these fearless warriors?

We don’t know who they are since their faces are hidden, dear sheikh.

We don’t know what my Lord knows, but our hearts are one with others who share our hearts. Until the Day of Judgment, we are free of hypocrites, those who threaten our lives, and those who bleed innocent blood. Nikola, or the vizier, wields the sword that hangs over my girls’ necks. Vizier Alemşah has replaced truth with perversion in the correct manner. With Urdu Subtitles, Kurulus Osman Episode 88, They are no longer interested. The one who truly deserves the hide is the one who never had an eye for it in the first place. Gentlemen are witnesses to the timely renunciation of his claim. Despite being the best, he walked away.

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