Kurulus Osman Episode 90 With Urdu Hindi Dubbed

Kurulus Osman Episode 90 In Urdu Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Episode 90 With Urdu Hindi Dubbed, I’d like to attend, as well. You go through the motions of making your plans. Sir. Broken fences line the roads. Tekfurs has also heard that you are on your way to see the governor. Also present is Malhun Hatun. I’m afraid you’ll be caught in a trap. Bala Hatun, our Pusad, has been beaten with rage and soaked in traitorous blood. My Bey and I will, insha’Allah, triumph over all obstacles. Sir. How safe is it? With Urdu Subtitles: Kurulus Osman Episode 90 Aykurt. It would be best to put your shoes on in Osman Beyim’s direction. We will travel to Znik tomorrow through the Kzlhisar routes. It’s a rocky location. Thanks. Oh my, Aykurt. Tighten your jaw.


Kurulus Osman Episode 90 Full HD

Thanks. Malhun Hatun, you have Orhan entrusted to you.

You should not be concerned. Bala Hatun, I wish you well. My Bala, may you live on. Attendance is mandatory. [Sir, do you have a destur?] Permit him to enter. My lady, I had a feeling she’d like you. So, Osman Bey, please allow me to begin the preparations. I’ll take a different route. So, how will these death angels infiltrate the Kayi tribe? Dodurgali. This is a merchant from the Turkmen Republic. He’ll go to Osman’s room and bring the oil. Now I’m clear. Meanwhile, our lovely angel will be the one to whom we will entrust our trust. By assassinating any Turk who happens to stumble upon it! Nothing. Poison is just that. It will die if no action is taken. Excellent. Excellent.

When you end Osman’s fixation, please utilize this.

You are free to do so. Goktug? Sir, please accept my sincere apologies for any inconvenience this has caused you. Is there a hoof on the horses? Sir, it’s over. The road to Kzlhisar will be our route. The news that we’ll be traveling to Iznik to see Kefer has already circulated. My master will break his illusion that he is playing a game. Lets! We don’t have time to waste. Lets! They have no idea that they are riding the horses they adore to their deaths. Osman isn’t the only one who has been affected. Anselmo, we’re going to eradicate them all. Turkish blood will be poured over these territories today. Doubtless. Osman Bey, please. Come! Please take a peek at it. Sir, it’s all up to you. Sir, it’s all up to you. That is correct. Water it. Osman! Mahlun! Mother! No, my daughter, I hope so.

Osman! In addition, he’s stuffed. Why isn’t he getting any rest?

Mister! Mister! The Alps! Osman! Sir. Attack! God is Great! Osman! Please, God, keep my kids safe. Osman! What a rascal! Come in and see what I’m talking about; come in and see what I’m talking about. Finally! Finally! Mister! Now is the best time to die. Now is the best time to die. Be! They go into the forest, hunting the coyote that is lurking on the side of the road! We’re going to hide in the woods! Osman! Allowing it to escape is not an option. Are you doing well, Osman? Osman. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by. Follow! Lets! Malhun, please! Is everything all right, bro? Boran, my injury is healing nicely. However, I am ill. Allow it to be forbidden to be good to me without murdering those who set this cruel trap for us.

Then let’s go! Lets! Now let’s get started! -Sir. -Cankutay! Stop!

Allow me to bandage your wound. It is impossible to wrap the large wound. Sir. Your blood will be spilled, and you will perish as a result. Cankutay isn’t going anywhere! He’ll never die without finding his brain! The Almighty is insane! -Sir. -Cankutay! They might use Osman’s absence to their advantage. There isn’t a single person who is against us. Gunduz, be careful. Please don’t be concerned, Mother. The Alps are breathtakingly beautiful. We’re also in the vicinity. You maintain a calm state of mind. There will be no one left. You are aware that Rogatos employ me. Because you’ll be helpful to us, you’ll survive. Rogatos and Koses are eagerly anticipating your arrival. Lets! Sure, why not? Slow, slow, slow, slowly, slowly, slowly, slowly, slowly, slowly, slowly. Despite our best efforts, they set up an ambush for us. In our midst, there is a traitor.


Then, Sir, let us swiftly return to the camp.

The tribe has a large number of trustees; therefore, no. Iznik is our destination. But first and foremost, the alps must be safely located. Sir, where do you find yourself in this state? You awoke, but you didn’t seem to be feeling well. I’m not going to camp without anything. I’m expected to deliver positive news. That’s fine, but, Sir, what shall we do? Forest of a large size. Malhun, we’ll locate it. It’ll be found. Cankutay. Something must have occurred to Yigit. Lets. So, man, what did you do? Is there any evidence you found? He will find us, brothers if we can’t find our master. Lets. My wacky sibling Rogatos, well done. Your carpenters performed a fantastic job on the construction. All that’s left now is to seize those trading vehicles and get access to the Kayi tribe.

They’ve arrived. Is it those Rogatos or something else?

Turkmen, aren’t they? Tekfurs, I’m writing to express my gratitude for everything you’ve done. We’re all set to go into the room. How about a poisonous substance? It’s all ready to go, just the way you wanted it. Every Turk I meet will perish as a result of this. You have finished your preparations, as far as I can tell. Indeed, in the restaurant, he’ll accompany you. Then it’s just collapsing like a nightmare into Osman’s fixation. Mr. Turgut, thank you for your time and consideration. Mari, what exactly are you up to? My brother, the ultimate Koses, has asked me to come here. What was it that your brother was looking for? Did he send you since he wasn’t able to make it? Is he so terrified of us? Turgut Bey, Nhai Koses is fearless. In terms of why I’m here..

Mahlun Yasarlar They continue to exist. My Osman, I wish we could get closer.

My fearless, may Allah reward you for your bravery. Mashallah. Lets. Your tribe is relatively small, as I didn’t understand when I initially arrived. Small. The oba of Osman Bey is breathtaking. Compared to yours, it’s in order. You Byzantines, oh, how I despise you. Mari, you’re a straight shooter. What brought you here? Mr. Turgut, we want to end our deadly rivalry and replace it with a mutually beneficial accord. My brother is interested in exchanging goods with you. As a result, you and your tribe will triumph as well. After so much bloodshed, does he want to be friends with us? Mr. Turgut, I recommend you forget about the past and begin anew. You tell me to forget about my fallen alps because they are no longer there. With Urdu Subtitles: Kurulus Osman Episode 89


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