Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 97 In Urdu hindi Dubbed

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 97 with Urdu hindi Dubbed

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 97 with Urdu hindi Dubbed. He does the polar opposite of everything I do. Furthermore, he promises the people fake affluence. Do you mind if I come in, my Bey? Please come in. My name is Bey. Please come in. Mari. Are you all right, my sister? Mari, who you left to be slaughtered at Nikola’s hands. Did you realize I’m your sister now? Mari, I’ve… Stay back, Kosses, and don’t get too close. Just be patient. All I wanted was for you to have a happy life.

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I will not let Nikola’s dishonorable deeds go unpunished. I swear to you, and I’ll put him through hell… Now we have a single adversary. Regardless of the cost… Osman Bey is a character in the film Osman Bey. I’m ready to get together with you to make their lives a living misery. The Ahis will be honored with a belt-wearing ceremony in Sögüt. You’ll get us into Sögüt if you’re honest. Alright. You won’t raise any suspicions by entering Sögüt. Samuel will assist you in entering the building


No one will be left for you on these lands if you lose us.

When you’re alone, you’re food for the wolves. Osman Bey, I am not a wolf, prey, or hunter. I’m a devastated man seeking vengeance for his sister after being deceived by those closest to him. You can rely on me. SÖgÜT Stop! What brings you here?
Vizier Alemshah received gifts from Tekfur Kosses. Allow them to go. May you be blessed with peace. And may peace be with you. The Great Seljuk state’s brave army. All of Sögüt consumed this Ahi drink. I couldn’t stop myself from bringing some to you. Thank you very much. May Allah reward you for your good deeds. May it bless you with excellent health. Attention! Peace be with you, Shariah-followers.

What is the profession of our student for whom you have applied for a license? Over the verdant fields and beneath the sky dome… In the field of males, one who wears a waist garment. A tanning student who is in desperate need of your prayers.

Ahmet. Your master is a wretch.

He appeared and took his place in front of you. There’s only a smidgeon of it remaining. Your agony will come to an end. You’re on your way to Konya. Your Osman Bey will be dispatched behind you. Either they’re dead, or they’re alive. I was hoping you wouldn’t use your corpse-smelling mouth to pronounce my Bey’s name. Now you’ll see. Coward! Untangle us! Dog with a low birth rate. Degenerate! Untangle our limbs! My younger brother. Are you all right?


Allah. Take all of the weapons and bows now. Nothing should be left behind. Trahan, Samil. You’ll enter from the side on the left. Make sure you don’t make any mistakes. We are the plan’s foundation. As you wish, my Bey. As you wish, my Bey. The Alps……we’ll sneak up on you from the right side. According to Osman Bey’s plan, today is the last day of those evil men. Please, don’t be so obvious. As you wish, my Bey. Hu, you’re a good tracker. Cube, you can’t see what’s right in front of you. I’ll rip you apart, and no one will be able to find a single piece of you! 11- Get up! You will not die until you have killed Osman!

I’m going after him, my Bey!

You are a traitor! You are a source of shame for Mongolians! Many people have labeled me a traitor in the past. They’re all no longer alive. Instead of pounding him, it seems like you’re making a sword with a hammer! You, too, Samil, are a formidable opponent. I stand before you, brothers, but I still defend your back. Brother, it’s the same situation. Osman! Osman, you’re right! My Bey, get out of the frying pan and into the fire. Kill everyone who comes after us! Romanos! By my hand, you shall perish! You won’t be able to get away! You apostates!

First, I’ll kill you, then your commander! Attain me! Brother, we’ve arrived! Allah is Reliable!

I will not die before I see them take their final breath! I was a loser no matter who I served. But, Commander Romanos, Rome always exacts its vengeance! Yes. But first and foremost, we must survive. So that’s how you ended up as a Romanos dog, huh? Yeah. Do you believe that’s not a lot of money? I had no choice but to do it to stay alive! Everything was taken away from us! Because you want to live, you will tell me everything you know.
Of course, if remaining alive is that important to you, I’ll do whatever it takes to stay alive.

Now. Tell me who in my tribe communicates with Romanos and who is the traitor.

They didn’t inform me, so I can’t. Osman Bey is a name I’m unfamiliar with. They never had faith in me, Osman Bey. They failed to inform me. I’m not sure. Please don’t put me to death. Please, please, please let me survive. I’ll play the role of your dog. I can play the role of your dog and serve you. Please, Osman Bey, let me live. Please, Osman Bey, let me live. Do you have a better feeling now?

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