Kurulus Osman Episode 97 Season 3 With Urdu Hindi Dubbed

Kurulus Osman Episode 97 Season 3 In Urdu Hindi Dubbed

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 97 Full HD Urdu Hindi Dubbed Then.. we will go above and above what you’ve stated. I’ve known Osman for a long time. Nothing is left to chance with him. As a result, dig up Ahmet’s body as soon as possible. We’ll both save him from Osman…… then transport him to Nicaea, where he will be laid to rest. Are you certain that Osman will show up? You are always surrounded by darkness. Finish him if he shows up.

Let’s get started. Come on, the Alps, you can do it.Bey, my Bey!Crouch!Attack!Let’s get this party started!Baysungur!We haven’t met each other in battle since you became Atabey!-Didn’t you think I was gone?Thank you, Allah!Our mission, soldiers, is to take this body.Please, take it.Come on in!There has to be some trace.There is undoubtedly a trace, given that these canines are attempting to hide it from us.Take this…..and deliver it to the tribe.Please, don’t make me laugh.

Everything has been discussed.

We devised a strategy.You took your gold with you.What else do you want from m ‘news?He’ll find his way to me. Osman is an astute individual. It’ll not be easy to get him here. Keep in mind that we’re dealing with a demon. Romanos, I am……the monster. What’s on your mind right now? First and foremost, we must earn his trust. It’s now or never. Akeem, My name is Bey. Please take a seat. Take a seat at your father Gunduz Bey’s table. Come on, and you’ll be the one to carry on your father’s heritage. His authority and responsibility are now yours.

Kurulus Osman Season 4

Due to his pride, he is completely unaware of his errors!

Osman is not only pulling himself towards a cliff, but he is also dragging us behind him!Look, don’t make the mistake of ignoring Osman Bey.Maintain your composure.Osman Bey must have a valid justification for his actions.Do you realize what you’re saying?Barkin, what exactly are you saying? I always have faith in you. Don’t you see what I’m talking about? I’ll always be by your side. Then don’t doubt anything I’ve said.

Keep an eye on your Bey. I’ll always be by your side.

But it’s my responsibility to tell my Bey, my beloved, what’s right and wrong. I didn’t make any mistakes. I’m not taking care of myself. I’ll go to whatever length to preserve the tribe our father has left us and you! Now tell me…… Kayi tribe or Kizi I being I our tribe? Osman is not only putting us in the fire, but he is putting all of the Turkmen tribes in the fire as well! Hatun, tell me! My Bey……my ambition is to live up to your and my martyred father’s expectations.

Our cause is the same as our heart. Allah. Oh, insha’Allah.

Aktemur, you’re doing a fantastic job in your job. Because you now have the responsibility and authority, we will refer to you as Aktemur Bey. Mash Al I an h, Mash Al I an h, Mash Al I an h, Is it okay if I come in my Bey? Please come in.My name is Bey.The tribes’ Beys are eager to greet you.So you’re not the only one who was irritated.Allow them to enter.Selvi, do you notice what’s going on?

Do you see how many problems Osman is causing us?

Cobanoglu Ali and Osman will go toe-to-toe. It is unavoidable. Romanos, Osman’s blood is plenty for all of us. This vengeance is ours collectively. They’ll be separated. Even if the contrary occurs, we will not give up. Our actions will continue until Osman is annihilated. As a result, maintain your troops in good shape. They’ll come in handy. I intend to return. Cube. What is the cause of your troops’ disrespect? If you try to leave before the deadline…… You may feel the cold Mongolian sword slashing your throat now that Cebe has finished speaking!

If Sultan Alaeddin hears about it, he’ll be furious.

It’ll bring us problems, Kurulus Osman Episode 97 Season 3 Urdu Hindi Dubbed.Should we have……?Turgut Bey was turned in because he was afraid?No.The court will decide the judgment.Those who are against us may be Bey or Sultan.However, there is one truth.The right is unchangeable.I can’t believe what I’m seeing.You’re correct, Konur Bey.The infidels, on the other hand, are assembling an army.

We had power with Ali Bey on our side.

Now, though, we don’t.After the court case has been resolved……and justice has been served…Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 97 Urdu Hindi DubbedAli Bey will then recognize his error. Then he’ll be on our side. Don’t be concerned, Agas. It’s true what you said.

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