Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 84 With Urdu Hindi Dubbed

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 84

Season 3 Episode 84 of Kurulus Osman Seljuk will also be ours! You’ll also create a state in this area. Osman is a walking corpse. The Tekfurs had been exiled. We have no one in front of us. To Harmankaya, it’s a small price to pay. I’ll create a state for you here. I deconstruct the form and construct a new one. Geyhatu, what’s your offer? Nikola, don’t you wish to bring holy Rome back to this land? A great deal, a great deal! Geyhatu will supply them to you if you serve our interests and remain faithful to us. However, Osman must first die. His mother will visit the Selcan lady at the dervish lodge.

They were ambushed on the highway, big brother Sir.

Season 3 Episode 84 of Kurulus Osman is dubbed in Urdu and Hindi. I’m Orhan, and I’d want to introduce myself. It’s my mama! What’s up with Malhun Bala? Say it! Sir, Orhan is bad, and the ladies are likewise good. Selcan, on the other hand, is a mother. Mother. Those girls, Mister, who let Julia loose, the vizier’s treacherous dog. Selcan inflicted harm on the mother. It’s presently in the lodge. Kumral Abdal is in charge as well. It’s my mama! What’s up with my mother? Let’s see if my mother is still alive, shall we? Boran, you should say the exact one! Selcan is active, and I have nothing to conceal.

 Kurulus Osman Season 3 Full Episode 84


But here’s his wound his wound is very deep,

Alemshah, Vizier! Make a grave for that body! Let’s head to my mother’s house! Sir, please allow him to come to a halt. The vizier anticipates his visit to the dervish lodge. He’s already set up his game. It will ambush you if you go to the club, sir. I’m not going to give that vizier or those colleagues a chance. Storm! – Sir. We’ll go to my mother’s house, so you’ll be able to get to Edebali quickly. All dervishes in the area should be notified. Allow him to greet them as they arrive in Söüt. In that tumult, we’ll enter Söüt beside my mum. Sir, it is your command. Lets! It was my fault.

Let Osman die, the rest will be discussed later.

Soldier! Kay’s brave mother is a Selcan. Suppose I don’t use my double mischief to take the heads of those who did this to you. Season 3 Episode 84 of Kurulus Osman is dubbed in Urdu and Hindi. With Allah’s permission, we will find brothers. May my Lord provide us the ability to avenge the oppressed people from their oppressors. Amen. Turgut, no dishonor will go unpunished. I swear, whoever created this anguish will crawl in agony. Thank you very much. Kisses. When is my brother going to arrive? Storm. – Mr. Sir. Brother! Brother. Sir. Sir, I have some important news for you. State it. What happened to Mr. Gündüz, Mr. Gündüz? My Lord, he added the blacksmith and the Selcan mother to the group and exiled the women from the camp.

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