Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 87 With Urdu Hindi Dubbed by Maheretv

Remove the needle even if it goes into the hole.

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Allow it to go unabated! Allow the dervish to leave; don’t seek trouble! Are you incapable of appreciating the dead, Vizier Alemşah, because you have no mercy for the living? Season 3 Episode 87 (Urdu Hindi Dubbed) of Kurulus Osman It isn’t very ethical of you to do what you’re doing. The true act of dishonesty is assisting and concealing a traitor. What are your plans? I’m familiar with Osman. What are your thoughts, man? Isn’t it obvious that we’re having a funeral? We’ll scour the room, clean the room! What nonsense! Isn’t it obvious that we’re having a funeral? You are not allowed to enter since the lady is a person! Getaway of here. Exit! Celali, you, too, there’s a funeral, don’t you see? Do you have no regard for the deceased? Choose who will sit next to you.

This is starting to become too much.

I’m always on your side. I’ll remove your head if you’re against me. Because I’m deaf, I’ll defer to the military. Osman is a liar. Call! You are oblivious to the conventions and lack a conscience! Please accept my apologies. Friends, I wish you the best of luck. Season 3 Episode 87 (Urdu Hindi Dubbed) of Kurulus Osman Keep these in your hands! Since you’ve arrived, you’ll slander and seize the enslaved person’s rights. My Lord’s scales do not weigh less because of your malice. Vizier Alemşah, your oppression is dragging your wood to hell. You shouldn’t be seeing a traitor and not mentioning hell to me.

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Full Episode 87

Season 3 Episode 87 (Urdu Hindi Dubbed) of Kurulus Osman You will be the ones to fall into sin and perish in hell. Would you enter a home where the Bible is being read and issue a fatwa? You make fun of the suffering! However, I notice that people buried alive are more alive than you. They’re not as bad. You had no idea your soul was rotten.

It is necessary to inform the brunette Abdal.

Zehra, please, please, please, Season 3 Episode 87 (Urdu Hindi Dubbed) of Kurulus Osman Mother Selcan! Welcome, welcome, welcome. Thankfully, our gaze is fixed on the road. You will make my sheik very glad to see you. Keep a watch on the lodge; I’ll let the vizier know. Sir, yes, sir. As you requested, sir, we have positioned our soldiers all over the place. However, no one has seen Osman, so he is unlikely to show up. Ferman, Osman will arrive. Before she dies, Selcan’s mother will want to visit her. Keep your eyes peeled for more information.

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