Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 88 With Urdu Hindi Dubbed


Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 88 (Urdu Hindi Dubbed) of Kurulus Osman Thank you, Osman Bey, and may Allah bless your Gazan. Please, God, help us! We carry out our lord’s directives! He fights against all odds, but he can’t get the conquest out of his mind! Brothers, you believed and came! Look, these posts aren’t going to dry out under the alpine sheath! It will be drenched in the oppressor’s blood! We’ll attack the pusat with a cannon that will attack the walls tomorrow; I’m hoping the conquering will be soon! Hopefully! – Let’s hope!


Sir Gündüz Bey and his soldiers attacked Harmankaya Castle.

They were in large numbers. – How about that? Sir, we’ve surrendered the fort. They’re a bunch of knuckleheads! Idiots! Argus! Every time I ask, you assure me that the castle is secure, sir secure, sir secure, sir secure, sir secure, sir secure, sir secure My pen, which you claimed was safe, is now in Kay’s hands! Nikola, don’t take any risks. You slowed me down. You diverted my attention and handed my pen over to Gündüz, Vizier! Is that correct? You got a lot of things wrong! You got it completely incorrect! – Mongols! Geyhatu is on his way! Please, open the door!

Kay owns Harmankaya Castle informally, alhamdulillah!

Alhamdulillah! Thank you, Lord, for making this conquest profitable for us. – Mashallah! Thank you, God! However, I must mention that Vizier Alemşah had a significant role in this triumph. We want Turkmens to live in peace throughout the world! Amine! For this reason,

we do not hesitate to put our souls to God before putting on a cloak.

Gündüz Bey, may your conquest be blessed! I used to oppose your principality, and I felt deceived. Mr. Gunduz, it’s a good thing you got it wrong! Gunduz Bey, may you exist! – Season 3 Episode 88 (Urdu Hindi Dubbed) of Kurulus Osman May you continue to exist! Thanks! But remember, as long as we are one, the conquests will continue! Hallelujah! The spoils are evenly dispersed, Erdodu. – Sir, it is your command. Thank you very much, sir.

Allah be pleased with you, my lord!

Why don’t we put you to death, Nikola? Geyhatu, why don’t you kill me? Because your own shadow dwarfs you. We require your assistance. Nikola, there’s a Mongol army in your backyard. Many thanks, Vizier Alemşah. You don’t have any tekfur allies who can assist you. It was a group effort. Don’t be like Osman and go blind.

don’t be blind so you don’t experience the same

You are a wise man. Nikola Harmankaya is only one facet of our big goals. So, what are your ambitious goals? Keep your rage hidden, Nikola, or I’ll turn you and your army into towers. Season 3 Episode 88 (Urdu Hindi Dubbed) of Kurulus Osman The apricot obsession is now ours, and the day it lands in our palm, we must ensure that the oba is more valuable than the castle.
On the other hand, what do you expect from me and my pen? In common loot, enemies will be partners. Kayi has been assigned to us. Seljuk will also be ours! You’ll also create a state in this area. Osman is a walking corpse. The Tekfurs were expelled from their homeland.

A small price to Harmankaya I will make you a state here.

I deconstruct the state and construct a new one. Geyhatu, what’s your offer? Nikola, don’t you wish to bring holy Rome back to this land? A great deal, a great deal! Geyhatu will supply them to you if you serve our interests and remain faithful to us. However, Osman must first die. His mother will visit the Selcan lady at the dervish lodge. Let Osman die, and we’ll talk about the rest afterward. Soldier! Kay’s brave mother is a Selcan. If I don’t use my double mischief to take the heads of those who did this to you,

With Allah’s permission, we will find brothers.
May my Lord provide us the ability to avenge the oppressed people from their oppressors. Amine. Turgut, no dishonor will go unpunished.


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