Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 111 with Urdu & Hindi Dubbed

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 111 with Urdu & Hindi Dubbed

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 111 with Urdu & Hindi Dubbed. When compared to the life of a great ruler, our earthly lives are worthless. Our battle was with traitors. a noble deed that we would not anticipate coming from slaves. You are in command of this arena, right? Yes. When the traitors crept inside the arena, where were you? When the Emperor’s life was in danger, where were you? We, Princess Ophelia When the Turks arrived, your plan was ruined.

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You also switched sides. No slave would risk their lives to protect a noble. Capture him. Want Princess Ophelia would like. Wonderful emperor In the vicinity of Marmarack, a detachment of Osman Bey attacked the settlement of Makri. The Christians were slaughtered. This cannot be done. We left our religious brothers at their mercy. We shouldn’t have put our faith in Osman right away. He cannot have done this because there is a peace deal in place. In Makri, the taxes were dispersed.

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Osman’s eyes are therefore blinded by gold. This needs to be taken into account. Kantakuzenos, gold? More than that was given to him. Osman is not the type to act in this manner. I’ll investigate what occurred. I can learn more about this if you let me. You will represent me there. You’ll learn what happened and let me know. In a flash. And once I know, I won’t return here. with your consent. Before that, I have stuff to do here. Castle Karacashisar Son, hold your breath.

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He didn’t breathe. But we’ll keep control of his safety measures. Orhan, get to moving. You were surprised. You were captured by the adversary. Additionally, you force your mother to patch your wounds. Orhan. He cannot recover if he does not bandage his own wound. You will do your tasks on your own. To protect your back, you will act in this manner. Put your finger back where it belongs now. I am the Bey of Karacahisar because of you. – Son. – Mother, I don’t want it.

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Leave it alone, mom. I’ll take the necessary actions to merit my position. Osman Bey, trust your Stv son. Because you are my son, I used to think you are young and keep you close to my chest, but now that you are an adult, you are a strong soldier and a Bey like a mountain. I was unaware. Being a son deserving of Osman Bey is my aim. Who is Osman Bey, and why should you be deserving of him? To be worthy of Allah is what matters. Being an Allah-worthy servant is what matters.

I can’t wait here if there is still no news. Öktem. Welcome, my Bey. Where is Batur? Is he outdoors? Hatun… Why did you keep us in the dark for such a long time? Hatun… My brave must be starving right now. Is it simple to draw the sword against the unbelievers? Let me make him a call first. Hatun. Batur is not here and is not coming. No. Your words won’t be positive. Hatun… – Don’t tell me, don’t say it. Batur attained martyrdom. We were unable to take his body.

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But we’ll do it. Let’s accept it. Where is Ktem Bey, my brother? I’ll take him. Why not bring his body along with him? I’ll bring it, Hatun. Could you not handle it? Please be patient while I bring it, Hatun. – Could you not handle it? – Hatun. Could you not handle it? I’ll carry it. Did you let him fall into the hands of those scum? What is the purpose of your sword? My Bey, may I enter? Hüseyin, get moving! I implore you to go.

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