Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 113 with Urdu & Hindi Dubbed

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 113 with Urdu & Hindi Dubbed

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 113 with Urdu & Hindi Dubbed. The brave ones shouldn’t have been left behind. Without Turgut Bey, they would just try to stop us. We wouldn’t have been broken if Osman hadn’t been there. We wouldn’t have left our martyrs there if Turgut hadn’t been there. Does that Turgut still refer to himself as a Bey after handing over our sacrifices to the unbelievers? I want Ktem Bey, my brother. Until he arrives, you can find me in my brother’s vacant grave. Hatun, I shall bring our martyrs tomorrow morning and exact our vengeance.

Part 1

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The axe that day that laid the trap… The symptoms are consistent. Do you believe that those who attacked us were also responsible for Orhan’s attack? Every trap we fall into has them in front of us. They were the ones that assaulted the village and victimised the defenceless. When Batur and others with him observed this and the massacre, they intended to put a stop to it. Yet they suffered martyrdom. After they died, these snakes laid blame on them. After we defended the emperor, they began. Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 113 Urdu Dubbed


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They were obviously up to something… and wish to involve us in conflict. to make the emperor and us weaker. With these assaults, they are trying to conceal Osman Bey. They are anticipating my arrival with the martyrs. If they’re preparing to play a game, we’ll follow their Giggly rules. We’ll exercise caution. You’re going to take the martyrs when I appear before them. Of course, we won’t forget the sacrifices or the betrayal committed against them.

Part 2


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But just now, we should move quickly. Ktem might make a mistake before we arrive. In his heart, a flame of vengeance is burning. Their goal is obvious. On a slender rope, we are. We will find ourselves broken on the battlefield if it breaks. But we won’t let that happen. We’ll start by locating the hand behind them. Ktem will continue to operate under the cover of secrecy. We will pull back that veil and pull out their roots. Let’s start moving now. My brother Boran is shown here. I am Cerkutay, too.

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Come on, admit it. Confession will hasten your demise. The emperor was saved by us and the Turks. Now that the Turks have left, we are here. The princess, you also want to murder those of us who stopped the coup. Aren’t you the one who desired to assassinate the emperor? Do you mean to say that I tried to kill my father? So after the emperor passed away, you would take his place on the throne? But you fell short. You will be made to pay for your rudeness. Soldiers! Ophelia, the princess. Ullu web series, Makkitv  , yali capkini episode 18 english subtitles

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I’m never without a secret weapon or a secret. But I am as unworthy of you as the day of your creation. You have both my allegiance and my life. You are not the offender. It’s apparent that you support me. But halt! Rise up. I would not, however, murder my father. Princess Ophelia, I am at your beck and call constantly. Who is this, then? Ophelia, the princess. Ophelia, the princess. What’s going on here? The questioning goes on, Kantakuzenos. The traitors are who we’re looking for. So, what did he say to you? He said that the emperor was the target of a murder. However, he is unsure about the perpetrator. Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 114 with Urdu Dubbed


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