Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 118 Urdu and Hindi Dubbed

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 118 Urdu and Hindi Dubbed

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 118 Urdu and Hindi Dubbed. I’ll chop off your heads one by one! It’s all yours! My Bey! Release me! Don’t let any of the Sultan’s entourage enter or leave the palace; instead, close all doors and windows. Don’t fight back, Osman. Do not struggle. You’re attempting to lock me in this cage right now. I will, I swear, turn this planet into your prison. Obaid Bey. I therefore had to come across you in this condition. Remove your hand now! You didn’t say to catch them alive, did you? They’re still alive. We’ll enjoy ourselves.

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We’ll destroy them. Now we shall break Osman’s heart. Soldiers! – Boran! – My Bey, don’t be concerned about us. Allah be praised, we are unbreakable. – Let’s go! Come on, please! Brothers! As you please, crush Osman and his Mountains, but spare their lives. You couldn’t respond to Valide Sultan, I’m afraid. Samagar has no one to answer to. He will not show mercy, especially once Osman has been apprehended.

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 118 Urdu  Dubbed

Valide Sultan will exert every effort to halt and destroy us. Then, Mother, we’ll fight until we’re broken. On this journey, we can burn to ash or emerge stronger. We’ll start off cautiously. – Malhun Hatun, may I enter? – Cerkutay, enter. Cerkutay, what’s going on at the door? In the court, market vendors are awaiting entry. Let them. Do enter. Everyone mentions your issues. Elders, this is the Beys council. Get yourself straight first.

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People and traders alike are in a dire situation. Who are you speaking to? Talk clearly. Due to a previous cutoff, no longer do caravans travel to YeniSehir from Constantinople. And now Konya residents are also shut off. We won’t be able to locate any bread to eat if this keeps on. Get calm, Beys! No one will go hungry, we promise. I’ll look after the caravans personally and supply everything required. Return to your businesses now and watch for updates from me.

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Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 118 Hindi Dubbed

Don’t incite others. Brothers, hold on! cling on. Let’s go, brother. Alps. Great leader Samagar, allow us to also annihilate Osman. About Osman, I have other ideas. We’ll sever his heart. Soldiers! Go on! Get up and fight, Osman, if you want your freedom! Please proceed. Attack! Attention! The Sultan Alaeddin, His Highness! Sultan Mesud will be our first stop. If not, however, you will claim that the Mongols who are holding us are seeking Sultan Mesud.

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Your words will cause them to get confused. Sultan Alaeddin will therefore deliver us from their grasp. as directed by Osman Bey. Eyvallah. I’m grateful, son. Osman Bey might have stopped the traitors’ plan in its tracks. But Samagar and his troops managed to seize him. While I’m on this throne, you advised me not to trust anyone. You’ve lost my trust. But, I’ll pay attention to what Osman Bey has to say. Then, my Sultan, we must move immediately. To prevent their plans from being discovered, the Mongols will attempt to murder my father.

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Samagar, wait inside for me. Stop being so rude, you people! Osman Bey, what is this state? You are the owner of the space. You ought to be questioned about this area’s condition. Yet, given the number of adversaries in this area, we weren’t taken aback by the sedition. You’ll be sure to fill me in on every detail. Osman Bey, you will have to account for this. If I accept your sincerity of purpose… Then, as I have done thus far, I will spare you. Oh, Your Highness, Eyvallah. Attend to Osman Bey and his Alps’ injuries. Read Also Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 119 Urdu and Hindi Dubbed


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