Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 120 Urdu and Hindi Dubbed

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 120 Urdu and Hindi Dubbed

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 120 Urdu and Hindi Dubbed. Make them clean. Afterward, I need him in my presence. as the Sultan directs. I’ll be with Alaeddin Bey in the interim. Osman Bey, everything is going just how we desire. As soon as they can, they will make known where Sultan Mesud is. Alaeddin was handled effectively by you. The rest will be handled by me. Eyvallah. We will achieve our goals. Following that, you’ll play your part. My Bey, as you direct. Alps. Do you feel okay? Better times have come, my Bey.

Thank Allah, however, that we are still alive. For the sake of the cause, it is better for us to continue to breathe and live. Okay, let’s go. Hüseyin. swiftly prepare a paper. Let’s alert Valide Sultan to the situation. Okay, let’s go. Do the traders seem okay, AySe? The provisions of the traders have actually diminished as the caravans failed to deliver the promised items to YeniSehir, Malhun. Mother. Valide Sultan believes that harming people is acceptable in order to make us depend on her.

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Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 120 Urdu Dubbed

She never dispatches caravans. The people will depend on her as they did with the Beys if we are unable to provide for YeniSehir. We’ll locate supplies. Aktemur. Don’t even think of ignoring the market vendors. Opportunities will grow as provisions decline. Nobody’s eyes will be allowed to open. Valide Sultan has stepped up her efforts. What is it she desires? For those who want to intimidate us with famine, we shall make their lives a living hell.

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Now, pay attention to me. We will stealthily transport the food from the tribe and the castles to YeniSehir. Malhun Hatun, how are you going to feed all of these people with those provisions? It will do, of course, till the caravans issue is settled, but we must move quickly. Aktemur. Deliver Alps to the tribe and the castles right now. With so many non-Muslims nearby, how are we going to accomplish this, mother? Excellent. Do you have any items, Bekir Bey?

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Were you able to collect the goods in YeniSehir? We gathered the goods since night, even those in our shops, Valide Sultan. And we will buy the remaining goods of the traders. There will be no goods left in the market to buy or sell. Nice. What about the goods in neighbouring tribes and castles? We bought the goods in the tribes for twice the price, Valide Sultan. And Olof and his men took the goods of the castles. Real Also Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 121 Urdu and Hindi Dubbed


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