Turkish Movie Deliler with Urdu Hindi Dubbed By Giggly

Turkish Movie Deliler In Urdu Hindi Dubbed By Giggly

Turkish Movie Deliler with Urdu Hindi Dubbed By Giggly ‘Awesome visual show.’ Deliler, an Ottoman armed forces rangers unit, has become the focus of a film depicting the rivalry between Vlad III and Mehmed II. Deliler, which translates to “mad people,” were the Ottoman Army’s mounted warriors who rocked the entire world. The story of these mounted warriors, who primarily served as shock troops on the front lines by guerrilla tactics, is being turned into a film. Deliler is a Turkish film dubbed in Urdu and Hindi. By Maher Television The film is now being shot in Aksaray territory, under the direction of Osman Kaya.

Historical explanation

Erkan Petekkaya, Rüzgar Aksoy, Ismail Filiz, Nur Fettaholu, Demet Tuncer, Yetkin Dikinciler, Gülşah ahin, Batn Uçan, Namk Rüstem Khanl, Kamil Güler, Serhat ahin, Mehmet Ali Karakuş, Mehmet Pala, and Baran ztürk are among the actors featured in the film. Maker Cem Uçan, who portrays Gökkurt, said he has been working on this project for a long time and that the Deliler were the most gallant Ottoman cavaliers and the primary military unit that was replicated around the world. DeLiLeR is the password for this film.

‘Awesome visual show.’

“This is a difficult undertaking,” Uçan said, demonstrating that he structured the venture and understood the overall story. In Turkey, it is currently the most expensive film. For the next seven weeks, we will be in Aksaray. We still have a few weeks left. A visual spectacle will be presented to the audience. The story is also flawless. Our folks believe that outsiders shoot films like “Game of Thrones” and “Vikings” and that they are generally perfect. With Urdu Dubbed, we can improve Deliler. When viewers see this movie, they will understand what I mean. It’s a mind-blowing visual show that’s also flawless in terms of action. We shot several complicated situations and had some dangerous moments. For example, while riding ponies in Lake Tuz, we had a few mishaps.”

The film will be widely distributed in Turkey and Europe.

“We gave it our all and didn’t have to compete with anyone.” Our statements should not be misinterpreted. We speak in the interests of our country, not as actors or producers. “I am quite pleased that Turks gave such a video for the benefit of Turkey,” Uçan added.

The story occurs during Mehmed II’s reign, also known as Mehmed the Conqueror.

Observing their tremendous efforts, Uçan continued, “When Hollywood produces such a picture, we watch it with great enthusiasm.” I am happy that this film is Turkish, developed by a Turkish group, and directed by a Turkish person. Turkish Film Deliler is a Turkish film dubbed in Urdu and Hindi by Maher TV. Our work is of the highest quality. The fundamental thing we require is a sense of longing.”

Erkan Petekkaya portrays Vlad III, also known as Vlad the Impaler,

and Rüzgar Aksoy illustrates Mehmed the Conqueror according to him. “Observers will see him in an unexpected role compared to what they are used to,” Uçan said of Petekkaya’s perfect performance. He put his heart and soul into this job.” “Filiz didn’t merely act in the film; he added to the enterprise as much as I did,” he said, emphasizing that Ismail Filiz, who is in the lead role, had put in extraordinary efforts in the project from the outset.

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