Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 26 (Great Seljuks) in Urdu & hindi Dubbed

Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 26 (Great Seljuks) In Hind & Urdu Subtitles

In Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 26, The messenger tells us that Seferiye is about to die and is coming to the palace. Tekish requests the Sultan’s permission to enter the court. Sanjar declares that he will not surrender Livya and fights the Byzantine forces. Tapar speaks with his mother for a few moments and tries to console her. Sanjar captures a Byzantine soldier and attempts to persuade him to speak. Livya expresses her gratitude to Sanjar for his efforts. When Turna sees Basulu approaching the plain, she inquires about her whereabouts, but Basulu does not tell her the truth. When Tapar arrives at the palace, he discovers that Seferiye will pass away.

Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Season 1 Episode 26 Full HD

Melik Shah and Tekish come in the meantime. Severity apologizes to Tapar after speaking with her boys. Severity passes away not long after. Mitras examine the sacred spear. Mitras recognizes that Melik Shah still has the truly holy spear and wants to make a deal with him right away. Sanjar discovers that Seferiye has died while interrogating the Byzantine soldier. Sanjar instructs his companions to question the soldier before departing for the palace. Sultan summons Tekish to the court after the funeral to deliver food to the people.

Tapar advises Sanjar that they should start working together right away. As Mitras walks out of the palace, he speaks with Sanjar and learns that he has his aide in his possession. The Fatimid state’s vizier visits the Sultan’s palace and conveys his sympathies. The vizier mentions an attack on individuals who had previously gone on the journey, but Melik Shah claims the atrocity was avenged. Mitras stops Tekish and offers him a partnership as he considers how he would take over the man Sanjar has seized. Mitras ask Tekish to smuggle Tomas out of the plain. When Mitras discovers that Zubeyde has fled the palace, he orders his soldiers to attack her.

Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Season 1 (Great Seljuks) in Urdu

Khayyam discusses the calendar with one of his students, but this student works for Hassan. Ghazali pays Albert a visit later that evening. Ghazali instructs Albert on how to view the things that have been made and the fact that someone will arrive shortly. Sanjar warns Basulu that the secret is being sought and advises her to be cautious. Sanjar expresses his desire to reveal the secret to Turna, but Basulu advises him against doing so until the time is right. Melik Shah informs Tapar that he suspected Tekish of being a traitor and urged him to exercise caution. Sanjar becomes enraged when Turna claims that Sanjar is concealing something, and Basulu goes to meet Tapar. Sanjar claims that he will disclose everything when the time comes and that he is enraged by Turna’s actions.

Tekish meets with the Turkmen Beys and informs them of Sanjar’s capture of a Byzantine soldier. The Beys have the right, according to Tekish, to kill the Byzantine soldier and Livya. When Khayyam realizes that someone is attempting to take their work for the calendar, he gets stabbed while trying to intervene. Terken speaks with Tajul and assures him that they will uncover the mystery no matter what it takes.

Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 25 (Great Seljuks) in Urdu & hindi Dubbed

Tapar arrives and sends the Turkmens just as the fighting in the plains is about to break out. Sanjar informs Tapar that Tekish is to blame for the event and that he can attack the road leading to the palace. The Beys are failing, so Tekish devises a plot to strike Sanjar. Nizam examines the knives used by the observatory’s employees. Terken informs the Sultan that she is expecting a child. When Melik Shah discovers that Sanjar is on his way to the palace, he sets out to protect him from being attacked. Hassan travels undercover and visits the Kinik plains market. Hassan discovers that the woman he’s seeking is Sanjar’s mother, Basulu. Basulu is Tapar’s mother and Melik Shah’s wife, Hassan understands.

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