Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 33 (Great Seljuks) in Urdu Dubbed

Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 33 in Hindi & Urdu Subtitles

Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 33 in Urdu dubbed, The Alps of Sanjar also make their way inside the city, but the Batini’s and Byzantines begin shooting arrows. When the Sultan learns that his sons have entered Shalamzar, he acts quickly to assist them. When Tekish sees Melik Shah, he becomes terrified. The Turks struggle valiantly to reclaim the city. Hassan begins to flee when he sees he will lose the war. Sanjar begins to pursue Faysal and engages in combat with him. Sanjar assaulted Shalamzar, and the Sultan went to assist him despite all of this. Terken becomes enraged at Tajul and begins to give birth due to her stress.

Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Season 1 Episode 33 Full HD

The Sultan declares that he will not forgive him again and orders Turan to transport him as a prisoner to his homeland. Melik Shah has stated that he will compensate his sons. Tapar, according to Sanjar, should be the ruler of Shalamzar. The Sultan agrees and declares that all remaining Batini’s shall be killed. Eighteen months pass and the Sultan’s son Mahmud matures quickly. Sultan says that a meeting will be held to plan an attack against Kuvel. Hassan gathers his new supporters in the woods in secret and tells them they will act once more.


Terken meets with her devoted men in the woods and promises them the power they deserve. Terken presents gifts to her warriors and asks Tajul to accept the mission to attack regardless of the circumstances. Mitras strives to reinforce the castle’s defenses because he believes Melik Shah is about to strike. Meanwhile, one of the soldiers informs Mitras that a man from the church wishes to speak with him. Tajul tells the Sultan of his intention to invade Kuvel. Sanjar goes over each flaw in Tajul’s plan before offering his thoughts. Tajul enrages Melik Shah, so he assigns the assignment to Sanjar.

Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 33 (Great Seljuks) in Urdu

Hassan claims that Byzantine soldiers will be used to stop the Turks and assist Tajul in completing the objective. Sanjar bids Turna farewell and departs for the workshop. Ali rushes to Sanjar after getting the supplies, but Mithras’ warriors assault him. All the Turks are killed, and the Byzantines capture Ali. Hassan intends to kill Ali, but Mitras intervenes and assures him that they will discover the Sultan’s attack strategy from him. In the palace, Zubeyde and Terken practice sword fighting. Meanwhile, Zubeyde urges Terken to remain calm, but she declares that she will go to whatever length to obtain the authority she so well deserves.

Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 33 (Great Seljuks) in Hindi

Sanjar rushes to the palace while Nizam and Tapar discuss the attack plan. Ali and his supplies have been taken, according to Sanjar. Nizam believes there is a traitor in the palace and wishes to inform the Sultan. Mitras tortures Ali to get him to speak, but all Ali says are Qur’anic verses. The Sultan is furious at the Byzantine onslaught and halts war preparations until Ali is located. Sanjar claims to have dispatched his troops to find Ali. Nizam says he’ll send his special forces into the jungle to look for traces.

Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 32 in Urdu 

Hassan instructs the Byzantine soldiers to lay traces towards the forest’s south to set a trap. Zubeyde and Nizam discuss who the palace’s traitors may be. Nizam claims he will track Tajul in secret. Meanwhile, Nizam discovers that the military found traces in the forest’s south. Nizam informs the Sultan of this information. Sanjar and Tapar leave the forest to the south. Mitras and his warriors stop them. Mitras declares that this time he will murder Sanjar, but Melik Shah and his army arrive.


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