Victory Of Mehmet Episode 2 Urdu & Hindi Dubbed

Victory Of Mehmet Episode 2 Urdu & Hindi Dubbed

Victory Of Mehmet Episode 2 Urdu & Hindi Dubbed. The prized fruit, Mehmed, is the Red Apple. The top. most ripe. It is the beating center of our universe’s point of convergence. The Trustworthy Land. In any case, youngster, look at those walls. Every tactic that attempted to take the city has been stopped. They held me up. Why not just smash the walls down? No weapon is powerful enough to take them out.

Some people have speculated that Allah might start it. I’ll tear those walls down, Father. Furthermore, I’ll seize Constantinople when I’m in charge. Every dominion has a beginning made of steel, wealth, victory, and blood. The great fight for Constantinople in 1453 was won by Ottoman Lord Mehmed II and Roman Emperor Constantine XI. There have been 23 military attempts to capture the impossible city. They’ve all failed.

Victory Of Mehmet Episode 2 Urdu

One successful king will emerge from the carnage and alter history for the next 300 years. One region must decline for another to rise. I want the cannons to keep firing until the Romans crawl out and beg for mercy. April 1453. Lord Mehmed II launches a gunnery assault on Constantinople that is by no means comparable to any other the world has ever known. These cannons are not the same weapons from the 1800s or 1900s that we are familiar with. These cannons are enormous.

Dear God, if this comes again, the walls won’t be built until dusk. Expert Loukas, be certain. As long as the Pith of God is with us, we will be safe. Head Constantine sees Mehmed’s 80,000-man force as he peers out from the fortifications. A Genoese officer of fortune named Giovanni Giusti Niani is responsible for the heroic effort of keeping the Ottomans out of the city. It is necessary for Giusti Niani and his troops to guard the 14 miles of city walls. In the fifth century, Head Theodosius II gathered the walls. They are some of the most sensible people ever created. Constantinople’s walls have existed there for a very long time. This is a fantastic component of the military strategy.


Victory Of Mehmet Episode 2 Urdu Dubbed

The walls are composed of five layers. There is the outer trench, then a large area that troops anticipated accidentally discovering, sort of a killing field, then an exterior wall with towers, then another killing field, and finally an interior wall. The entire system is around 200 feet below ground, and the highest point of the walls is about 100 feet high from the bottom of the stream. No one had managed to cross it. Mehmed examines the city. He said, “All right, it has those enormous walls nobody has ever entered. How might you eliminate them eventually? I need a cannon that can destroy these things. Additionally, he chose a frontal strike. He recognizes that it is a test.

Victory Of Mehmet Episode 2 Hindi Dubbed

The person was this. This was who he was. Mehmed’s strategy is a middle-aged adaptation of a play that is astounding. A tremendous storm of cannon fire tearing down the massive barriers. Massive! They claim that numerous bulls pulled it, you know.

To project the item, a colossally enormous number of ringers from Balkan temples were split off. The Ottomans called the massive assault “The Bear” and the less conspicuous weapons “The Whelps.” Quite simple with that. Organ, a Hungarian expert gun pioneer, is the one who restores Mehmed’s supergun. – – Father! You’re sure? The breaks are getting longer. However, these guns could fire at regular intervals and possessed incredible shooting power.

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