DESTAN THE EPIC SERIES is an Urdu. They’re going to strangle me. True, they should have been terrified of you, but not of me, but they don’t realize it. Aqis declares, “I shall avenge myself.” Instead of avenging his mother, Tarzan’s kid rests quietly in his father Asmani Khan’s palace, and anyone who has the bravery to avenge his mother is deemed insane.

Gayi makes a snide remark about the heavenly heir who wants to save her. Is this a part of your mind? According to Aqis, it is due to the mountain heart, not the brain. Please accept my apologies. They eventually pass out. On the other hand, the sorceress Shoman is praying. And that wizard, in order for Alpagu Khan to resurrect.

The epic series Destan is now available with English subtitles.

Meijan, a Chinese princess, speaks on this occasion. What is causing these witches to tremble? Even if I explain, the nesting lady claims, the Chinese will not understand. Then I’ll go to the great twisted lady and ask her. I’d like to learn Turkish, but the elder daughter-in-law refuses to teach me.

The shaman, according to the nesting woman, will now pray for the victims. She’s attempting to buy our Khan’s life. After the miracle, what happened to Jin’s nest? The arts, according to the council, did not accept it. The color of fire became the hue of death. The opposing side claims the same thing. You stood up for your father. You pushed him away on purpose.

I drew a line and drew an arrow. The arrow was released from the bow. You shoved him over to the other side. That is why he is still alive. Because I can’t shoot arrows because of you, how can you protect this person? They say it was sudden when I guarded you, but it was worse when I protected them.

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